Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Nine-Tails and a Change of Heart

"Alright, as soon as Sakura-chan is done we're headin' out to save Gaara!" Menma exclaimed stretching his arms.

"Yeah, the sooner we head out the sooner we can catch up to them... probably." Sasuke muttered.

Kankuro released a cough when he drank a medicine that Sakura had made him. "Before you go..." he began as he slowly sat up, "there were three members of the Akatsuki."

"Three?" Kakashi asked.

"Yes, two who had abducted Gaara. I got a good view of one the other... I don't know, something about him gave me the same vibes I got from how Gaara was back then." Kankuro explained.

"What do you mean by that?" Sasuke asked getting a little intrigued by person Kankuro was describing.

"He seemed like a monster," Kankuro answered, "besides that they captured Gaara so you can follow Gaara's scent. If they had split up, the other had caught a bit of their cloth on Karasu's hand."

Kakashi nodded, "making a success from a failure," he said, "you really are a true Shinobi of Sunagakure."

"Alright, let's get going!" Menma exclaimed and the group nodded.

Kankuro looked down at his shaking hand and looked up at the team that had begun to grab their things. "Please..." he croaked, "please save my brother."

The team looked at him and smiled, "of course!" Menma grinned, "we'll bring him back, dattebayo!"

Kankuro smiled and nodded, "thank you." He said sincerely.

The team had bid their farewells and made their way to the front of Sunagakure where they awaited for one from Sunagakure. "I will go with you-" Temari began.

"No, Temari stay in this village in case of anymore attacks. I will go with them." A familiar old voice said from above. They all raised their heads and saw Chiyo who jumped down.

She landed in front of the team. "I've wanted to give my grandson some love for awhile now." She said.


Sasori, Deidara and Naruto had finally arrived at the hideout that Pain had instructed for them to go to. "You're late." Pain said turning around to face the trio who had walked into the hideout.

"The Jinchuriki was stronger than we thought, but if weren't for Naru then I would've been toast, hm." Deidara explained as he placed Gaara's body on the ground which disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Pain performed a few hand signs, "assemble." He commanded as a huge statue appeared with all the Akatsuki member's appearing on top of the fingers of the statue.

"Naruto, head outside, keep an eye out for any enemies." Pain ordered.

"Sure thing!" Naruto said and left.

Once the blonde had left the hideout, Pain turned around.

"Let's begin." He said.

Meanwhile Naruto had climbed onto a tall tree not too far from the hideout. He sat there, looking at the view of the clear blue sky, trees and the birds that soared through the sky.

That guy... he was a Jinchuriki? Someone who holds a tailed beast... The blonde thought. Like you, kit. The gruff voice said. Who are you!? Naruto growled snapping out of his thoughts. He stood up and looked around, trying to find the source of the voice.

You cannot find me out there kit, I'm in your mindscape. The gruff voice laughed. Tf is a mindscape? Naruto though rising an eyebrow.

The voice let out a long sigh. Just rest on the branch. It said.

Reluctant and confused Naruto did what he was told and rested on the branch he was standing on. He slowly closed his eyes and the next thing he knew, he had opened his eyes to see a sewer. "What the heck?" He said out loud.

"This way kit." The gruff voice said.

Slowly Naruto walked, following the source of the voice. Eventually he made it to a wide open area, in front of him were large bars. Red glowing eyes stared into his very soul and a wide grin appeared. "Good to see you too, Naruto." It said.

"Who... are you?" Naruto asked a little lost for words.

"I am the Nine-Tails, but my real name is Kurama." The tailed beast answered. "Right now you are in your mindscape."

The blonde lowered his head and looked at his hands, "so that's why the villagers always called me a demon..." he let out a laugh and curled his hands into fists, "it was because I was a Jinchuriki."

The tailed-beast looked at the blonde and frowned, "yes." He merely said.

"Is..." Naruto paused and took a deep breath, "is that why my parents neglected me?"

Kurama stayed silent for a moment, "I do not know why they neglect you." Kurama answered frowning. "But I believe it was because of a prophecy the Toad Sannin had told them when your mother was pregnant with your younger siblings."

"What!? What did you just call them!?" Naruto growled through gritted teeth while clenching his fists. Kurama did not say anything as the blonde stared at him with an angered expression. "She is not my mother and they are not my siblings!"

"I don't blame you for thinking that... but Kushina was once a Jinchuriki. She was once my host until the day you and those other kiddies." Kurama explained.

Intrigued Naruto said, "go on."

"When you three were born, a masked man stole you and threatened to kill you if the Fourth did not hand Kushina over to him. Although the Fourth managed to save you but the masked man managed to kidnap Kushina." Kurama paused.

"The masked man managed to extract me from Kushina and the Fourth defeated him, as for me... the third Hokage who had aided the Fourth in fighting the masked man sealed me into you, his first new born." The tailed-beast finished.

Naruto couldn't help but release a light chuckle, "is he an idiot or something?" Naruto asked. "Doing that to a child who was just born... is he an idiot?!"

"Well, they did it to save the village." Kurama pointed out.

"Fuck the village!" Naruto growled. The blonde took a few deep breaths and looked up at Kurama, "what are the Akatsuki planning to do to that Gaara guy?" He asked.

"Well... it happened twelve years ago. I overheard their conversation and..." Kurama paused leading to the blonde raising an eyebrow, "they're going to extract the tailed beast from him."

"What's so bad about that?" Naruto asked.

Kurama said nothing. "Kurama?" Naruto asked.

"It will kill them." Kurama finally answered. "In other words, they are using you as a weapon to capture the tailed-beasts and when your job is done, they will extract me and kill you."

Time stood still, shock over came Naruto and twelve years of happy memories with the Akatsuki flooded his mind. It shattered. The trust he had for them completely shattered. All emotion in him no longer existed.

His expression dulled.

A smile formed and he clutched his chest, he released a laugh. "Is this all that's going to become of me?! To be betrayed?" He asked, tears streaming down his cheeks.

His smile disappeared and an angry expression replaced it. "Fuck them! Fuck it all! I'll kill them!" He growled and exited his mindscape. He opened his eyes to see the clear blue sky.

The blonde's blue eyes flashed and shifted to blood red eyes. "I'll kill them, one by one. I'll tear them apart!" He growled glaring at the direction of the hideout.

I'll show them what the hunted can do!

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