Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: After them!

Naruto leaped off the branch he was standing on and made his way back to the hideout, letting out killer intent as he took off his robe and ripped it to shreds. I'll kill them one by one! He growled and ran even faster, whizzing through the leaves and branches.

As he raced towards the Akatsuki hideout, he spotted a group of six people running ahead of him. One was an old lady, hanging at the back with a man who had grey gravity defying hair and the rest were teens the same age him in front of the two adults.

"Tsk, I don't have time for them." He growled.

"Watch out!" Sasuke exclaimed and grabbed Menma, pulling him to the side and landing on a tree branch. Everyone else landed on separate tree branches as a blurry figure ran past them.

"What the fuck?" Menma cursed looking at the figure who was long gone. "Who the hell was that?" He asked.

"Dunno, he was moving too fast for me to see." Sasuke said. "If I had activated my Sharringan, yes, but I didn't."

"Come, Gai's team must already be at the Akatsuki hideout." Kakashi said. The team nodded and were up and running to their destination.

As they ran, Sakura was completely lost in thought. Everyone didn't get a good look at the person who had ran past them, but she did. His blond hair, his raging red eyes and whisker marks. Something about his features reminded her of someone she once knew, but couldn't quite put a finger on it.

She shook her head and focused on getting to the hideout to save Gaara.

It took time, but they did not think so much could happen. Gai and his team stood by the sides staring at the battlefield in awe. There were two Akatsuki members before them.

"Gai!" Kakashi called out to his rival and friend.

The bowl hair cut man turned his head and saw the gravity defying haired man. "K-Kakashi! My youthful rival!" He exclaimed, stumbling upon his words.

The team landed beside Team Gai. "What's going on-" Mito asked but immediately stopped herself when she saw the battlefield. A figure stood before an Akatsuki member.

They could feel the killer intent he was radiating and it all sent shivers down their spines. It was almost like a beast was there in their very presence. "Curses..." The fish Akatsuki member uttered under his breath.

Kisame raised his head and glared at the blonde, rage leaking out of his body. "Naru... why?? Why would-!!" Kisame was interrupted when he felt a sharp blade pierce his chest.

"Sorry but I can't tell you that..." The blonde trailed glaring into his eyes, "I'll tell the real you, and everyone else. Now... disappear!"

Kisame formed a grin as he fell to the ground, "smart as always, li'l Naru." He said as his body disappeared.

"What?! What was that? Is it a Jutsu?" Menma asked utterly confused by the events that had just occurred.

"More importantly... who is that?" Sasuke asked eyeing the blonde who put his kunai into it's pouch.

"He looks like that guy who ran past us a few moments ago." Sakura spoke up and everyone turned around, surprised.

"You know what he looks like!?" They exclaimed, excluding Kakashi and Sasuke.

Sakura slowly nodded, "I only saw his features though. He has whisker marks on each side of his cheeks and circulean blue eyes." She explained.

Sasuke turned and looked at the blonde, "I don't know why but... I get the feeling that I've seen him somewhere before." He said.

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