Chapter seven

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Kates pov

Last night was really weird. I ended up waking up early and went back to my dorm room to get ready for class.I walk into my room and see blair sleeping so I quietly go into the bathroom to take a shower. I haven't had any time at all to be little and I really am starting to get stressed out. I can't seem to get any peace and quiet around here. I might ask Blair to go out tonight so I can get some littlespace time. I think for today I'm just going to wear my blue dress with a white collar And since it's FReezing outside I will wear some black leggings with it. I put my hair Into a high ponytail and leave the bathroom. I look over and Blair is still asleep, I don't want to wake her up because she could have been up all night or something so i just quietly left the room. As i'm leaving the building I see lucas and dax talking in front of my building.I really didn't want to talk to them right now, i just want a normal day no guys found in my bath tubs with a bullet wounds, no waking up in random place and to be ask which guy was a meanie to me< Just a normal day were i go to school and come back that's all i want from today. I ended up going through another door and I was a little late to class that day but it was worth it.

#~#~#~After class ~#~#~#~#

After all my classes I was really hungry so I ended up walking down to a small store around the corner to get some chips and raman and gummy bears so I can just stay in my room forever and never leave. Once I got back to my room I put all of my food away and sat down on my bed I pulled out one of my book I got the other day at the library I had an electric kettle in my room so I made some hot coco, well the water was getting hot i changed my clothes from my dress to some Pink PJ shorts and a white tank top. After my Hot coco was done i sat on my bed and started to read.

#~#~#~#~ One hour later#~#~#~#~

I was in the middle of my book when someone knocked on my door, It might be Blair maybe she forgot her key. I got up from my bed and walked over to the door and I try to close to door as fast as i can but a foot got in the way. It was dax and lucas just standing there at my door. Dax opened my door full and walked right in and so did lucas they both came in and just sat down on Blairs bed.

"what do you need? '' I said, a little annoyed because they just came into my room and i wanted to go into a little space soon because Blair texted a minute ago she won't be coming back to the dorm tonight.

"Now is that anyway to treat a gust" lucas said

"I don't think you two count as guests if you just come into my room unvented now, what do you two want from me?' I asked as i closed the door and started to walk over to my bed.

" We need to talk to you sweetheart"Dax said in a kind voice

"What about ?" I said as i was sitting down on my bed

"We want to talk about last night and all .We didnt Want blair to have to knock you out but that was the only way for you to go there" dax said

" If you would have just been a good girl she would have had to do that in the first place"Lucas mumbles under his breath but i still heard him

" I am a good girl thank you very much mister I'm sorry i didn't want to have to get up at Two in the morning just so you guys could do gods know what to that poor guy" I said a little anger

"Poor guy he put his hands on you I will not tolerate that kind of behavior" lucas said

"WHy do you even care we just met? Why would you want to care about me and doesnt everyone deserve a second chance!" I yell at him, He looks like he is about to exploud.


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