the end of something

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"We all have choices to make, and we have to live with the consequences,before we find the right way home

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"We all have choices to make, 
and we have to live with the consequences,
before we find the right way home."

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After a tense car ride through the deserted highway, filled with longing glances to the scenery that whizzed past them and Vanya surpassing almost all safety limits in order to get there in record time, the Hargreeves family finally arrived at the farm.

What greeted them however was something from a fantasy novel; the singular plot of farmland was enclosed in a grey fog, the looming, stormy cloud above the barn sending sprawling shadows across the entire land. Not to mention the thick, flurry of snow that fell from the sky, creating a picturesque, snow-globe effect on the farm, where it had descended into winter despite its surroundings remaining a lush green.

"What the hell..." Diego muttered, pressing his face closer to the window to look at the bizarre phenomena.

Thea blinked a couple of times at the stormy cloud above, unable to help but picture it as a similar occurrence to something she'd read about in one of her fantasy novels. 

"I think somebody inside is causing that storm," she murmured, frowning at the sheer intensity of the thunder descending upon the barn. "It's too intense to be natural. That's nothing to say of the snow," she finished dryly.

Almost immediately as the car stopped, Vanya had ripped herself from the driver's seat and ran towards the barn door. She was greeted by a blonde holding a shotgun directly towards her.

The rest of the siblings clambered out of the car and hurried to stand beside Vanya in protection, eyeing the blonde woman warily, unsure just how close she was to pulling the trigger. Thea automatically moved in front of Klaus, who was wide-eyed at the escalation of events.

"Hey! Hey...what's wrong?" Vanya yelled over the roaring noise of the storm above.

"Carl," the blonde muttered with a suspicious expression, eyeing them all sternly as she pointed her gun to and fro.

"What did he do to you?"

"He's...he's dead," the woman said shakily. "Harlan tossed him aside like a rag doll, just the same as you did with those policemen."

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