Awaken in new world as a slime

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Last thing Rimuru can remember is going to sleep after becoming a demon lord. He looks around and see a new land that he has never seen before.
Rimuru screams, Ranga.
To no answer.
Rimuru looks around and see's a city with a castle with a higher elevation.
He also see's human's and demi humans alike walking around.He starts to wander if hes in the same world but does not since any of his friends or Milims overwhelming power. So he can confirm thats he is in different world also because ranga didn't answer.

Rimuru walks around and meets a guy selling apples.
The appas man said, You gonna buy some appas or just window shoping.

Rimuru replies, you mean an Apple.

The appas man a little bit angry replies, you donna keep bugging me or buy some appas.

Rimuru replies, Ok I'll go.
As Rimuru walk away he saw dark alleyway and thinks that it would be a good place for some peace and quit and talk to great sage.

Rimuru, Where am I.

Great sage, By the considerable low amount of magicoles in the world you seem to be in a different world.

Rimuru, As I thoug... Cut of by three dude that looked like they just got out of prison.

The one in the middle says, give me all your money and valuables.

Rimuru thinks these people got to be joking, continues to think paying no attention to them.

The guy in the middle say, are you even listining to me.

Rimuru annoyed says, Know im am go away unless you want to get hurt.

The guy in the middle says, what did say,as a girl with blond hair and red eyes run pass them and up the wall.

The man in the middle starts pull out a knife from his back.

Rimuru starts to pull out his sword.

Then A silver hair girl runs pass Rimuru and the thugs and stops behind them.

The silver hair girl says, Did any of you see where that blonde hair girl went, but i can not ignore what is going hear as she summons spikes of ice that go towards the tree robbers.

Rimuru says, I could have delt with them my self but thank you I guess.

The silver haired girl, Dont be ungrateful, now did you see that blonde hair girl with red eyes.

Rimuru, yes I did she want up the wall.

The silver haired girl, Sense I helped you, you have to help me.

Rimuru, great ok I have nothing better to do.

Later that day on a higher elevation than the alleyway.

Rimuru. May I ask whats your name?

The silver haired girl, se-tela

Great sage, This girl is lying.

Rimuru, Thats a lie seeing A cat beside her that for aome reason he did not remember seeing.

The silver haired girl, my real name is Emilia.

The cat gently punches Rimuru in the face and is shocked by thw amount of mana he has.

Emilia, This is a great spirit knows as Puck.

Puck carefuly, Nice to meet you, your Rimuru Tempest right?

Rimuru, how did you know?

Puck hesitantly, I read your mind when I punched you.

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