First fight

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Rose's POV
I didnt text back Eran last night,and with that heavy heart of mine,i never realised when i fell asleep. Yesterday was a great day with a bunch of memories to cherish forever,and also a reason to grieve since yesterday my decision to end it with Eran was made. Stretching my hands, I got up and yawned,rubbing my eyes as i checked in my social media and my phone was flooded with a bunch of texts from Eran.

I really dont have time for this now,because i already woke up late,and I didnt even finish my English Language homework today. Getting up from the bed,I washed my face and made my bed as i slipped onto my loose hoody and shorts and stepped into the kitchen to serve myself with some breakfast. I scrolled through my instagram as i dived into my cereal and milk and a text from Eran beeped into my phone once again,distracting me.

Damn he woke up that fast today? He gets up at 3 or 4 pm normally and today its only 9,and there he is texting me a good morning. Genuinely surprised!!!

I sighed heavily and swiped up to his inbox and read the other texts he sent last night,which clearly gave me the message that he doesnt want to get separated with me,which somehow managed to make me smile. But for some reasons,my mood decided to ignore the texts and focus somewhere else,because whatever the issues were,there was certainly point in Daisy's words, I cant just shove them into the dustbin just because i loved Eran.

Eran clearly has got a bunch of friends and he wouldnt choose me over them when it comes to talking to me,specially when he's out hanging out with his friends. Maybe I really am making him feel way too good about himself which is allowing him to take me for granted.

Neh that's too harsh of me to think about my guy in this way

After i finished with my breakfast,i kept the dishes into the sink and went towards my room scrolling through my newsfeed,as a call came up which was from Eran.

damn! he really is getting all hyped up

I sighed heavily and picked up his call and and as soon as he said a hey through the call,i legit felt sparks going off all around my body as I could feel myself falling into a trance. Damn,he sounds so fucking hot in this early morning. "Good morning" i replied,sitting on my couch twisting my hair and all,as if i was talking with someone who will feed me with a bunch of yummy treats after the call. I was totally fangirling over his voice,forgetting about the matter i was mad at.


"hey,hows it going?" i asked,trying to sound all chilled and cool. "im sorry for yesterday,i wasnt ignoring you Rose" he replied as i looked down as if my toes were the most interesting thing to look at. I rolled my eyes at his apologies because for some reason it was seriously irritating me. Im not a morning person at all,so getting up this early in the morning and talk on the phone with someone specially if the person has hurt me is seriously not my cup of tea.

I sighed and said, "its okay" and then there was a long silence. Neither was he speaking nor was i interested to extend this coversation of ours. "I know you are still mad at me,but please dont be,I swear i wasnt ignoring you,i was just feeling really down yesterday so i didnt feel like .."

Dude,cut the crap

"yeah, I get it" i said,cutting him off. I heard him sigh and thats when i lost my cool. Decency are not made for men you know,you really have to be harsh to knock some sense in these dumbasses,this is that one lesson my ex had taught me,because there was one time I had tried strangling him because he is for sure a dumbass.

"Listen,im not mad at you. IM just badly dissappointed in you because if you do not remember,let me tell you one thing that i have always been ignored throughout my life,and i never opened up to any of the incidents which occured in my past,other than you" i said,looking upwards,trying to stop those tears which are under construction deep in my head.

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