[Y/n]'s info (AN)

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Ignore this now. I had counted the votes and had forgotten to mention.

Okay so I'd like to run a quick poll I guess.

I would like to start including [y/n] in my art but I don't know what you guys look like and I like being inclusive.

So comment on which one applies to you and the majority is what I'll draw with :)
(Keep in mind that these answers only apply to the drawing and not the story or writing of story.)

Hair colour



Brown.      This won



Other (comment what colour)

Skin colour


Tan.       This won also

Caramely colour

Light brown


Dark brown

Very dark brown

Hair texture


Wavy.        This also won



Hair length

Short 'boy' cut

Chin length

Shoulder length

Chest length

Hip length.       And this is the one that won after I counted and began drawing [y/n].

That's all I can think of. Please comment on which ones apply to you or on how you see [y/n] in your head.

That's all for now, next chapter will be up by the end of the month hopefully xx.

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