Trust issues and uncertainty

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Beatrice:" And why in the world world you want to know that kashira."

Rimuru:" You see, Roswaal is lying to me but I guess I should day. What are his attentions?"

Beatrice:" I am not answering that question kashira."

Rimuru:" Why can't you tell me this?"

Beatrice:" I don't know why kashira. Now get out kashira."

Beatrice puts out her hand out and shoots some invisble force out of her hand. It does not even move Rimuru an inch.

Rimuru:" What did you just try to do?"

Beatrice:" How did that not effect you any normal person would have been knocked back kashira."

Rimuru:" Oh, so thats what that was."

Beatrice:" Now please get out kashira"

Rimuru:" Ok, fine I will. Just don't answer my question."

Rimuru walks out side of the libary to see Emilia outside with glowimg orbs around her. Wandering whats she doing, He goes towards her.

Rimuru"...Wow what is Emilia doing..."

The orbs around Emilia disappear right in front of Rimuru's.

Rimuru:" What kind of magic was that?"

Emilia:" It's actually not magic, its spirit art's.

Rimuru:" What is spirit art's?"

Emilia:" Its use the mana from the atmosphere instead of your on mana."

Rimuru:" What where you just doing?"

Emilia:" I was talking to lesser spirits."

Rimuru:" Oh, thats cool."

It went silent for a couple of second's.

Emilia:" Can I ask a question?"

Rimuru:" Sure."

Emilia:" Does it bother you that I'm a sliver haired halve elf."

Rinuru:" Why would a care what race you are. To me it doesn't matter what race you are, I care more for who you are and you Emilia are a very kind person."

Emilia Eye's opened with excitement.

Emilia:" Thank you so much."

Rimuru:" No problem, were friend's right."

Emilia:" Did, just say where friend's."

Rimuru:" Ya, where friend's."

Emilia:" Your the first friend I've ever had."

Rimuru:" Sense where friend's, I should show you my true form. Rimuru turns in his slime form." This is my slime form or my normal form."

Emilia shocked at Rimuru's slime for ask:" What are you?"

Rimuru:" My race is know as the slime race. The form you saw previously is my human form, it makes things easy."

Emilia:" I've never heard of the slime race. Um... Can I ask a little favor?"

Rimuru:" Yes, what is it?"

Emilia:" Um... Can I touch your slime form."

Rimuru hesitantly:" Yes, you may but not for long.

Rimuru remembers all the times he would get stretched by Shion and the others.

Emilia:" Here I go."

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