Into The Woods

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Rayna's POV

      "My child ...soon , soon you will learn of your true identity . Soon you will awaken ." 

"And if you can't... It will be his demise. " 

I shot out of my sleep drenched in A cold sweat 

Looking around the room the sound of thundering footsteps soon filled my ears. 

The bathroom door slammed open and steam flooded out. 

In the door way was Al standing with A towel around his waist. 

His eyes shot to mine immediately coming towards me , he cupped my face in his hand stroking my cheek with his thumb. 

I leaned into his touch my heart beat automatically slowing. 

He sat on the bed next to me stroking my hair 

His eyes never leaving mine .

"Another nightmare ?" He asked softly brushing my hair from my face. 

I had been having these dreams lately where the woman who had spoken to me when I got Scarlett would give me different types of coded warnings. 

It started after Alois marked me so he automatically assumed it was his fault . 

It had been three days and A mark similar to the one on my thigh had half-way formed .

Alois said the mark would completely form after we complete the mating process.

Chí didn't know what the dreams were about and scarlett said she didn't either . 

Of course I couldn't tell Al that , Even though he doesn't know what the dreams are about he continues to hold me in his arms and tell me that everything will be fine. 

We sat there in A comfortable silence for A few more minutes before I finally got up. 

He placed A soft kiss on my forehead smiling in adoration. 

He was so soft and gentle sometimes , it's hard to remember he's the Head of such a dangerous and Powerful pack . 

But I suppose that could be same for all of them .

Jax, Louis, Demetri , Alex  they're such clowns sometimes its hard to remember they're feared in the supernatural community .

I pulled myself onto his lap kissing him firmly as my arms wrapped around his neck . 

He kissed me back with the same intensity as his hands snaked around my waist. 

"As much as I'd love to start my day off like this , you have training with my sister today and you know what happened last time you were late ." He whispered in my ear . 

I shuddered at the memory jumping up and quickly running to the closet the sound of his laughter hitting my ears. .

I threw on some black tights and A grey tank top 

Putting my hair into two braids on either side of my head . 

I laced up my running shoes Alois taking that opportunity to come behind me and grab my hips pressing his lower body into my ass. 

I shot up in surprise 

turning around to give him A piece of my mind I was interrupted by Alois's lips crashing onto mine. 

The kiss was short lived but passionate enough to make me remember why I turned around in the first place 

I looked up at him , A goofy smile plastered on his face rolling my eyes I hugged him . 

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