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Hi, this is JosevfTheGreat.

My Daris,

I would like first to thank all of you for supporting the La Grandeza Series and one of its stories is this, which is the "Taming The Heat". Starting this series made me step forward for improvement and I'm beyond happy for the support that you have given me.

I never expected anything like this to happen because as they say, good things happen in the most unexpected time. There are a lot of talented writers and amazing stories out there but I am blessed to be part of this program. Although I know myself that I have a lot to learn and to improve with my writing style, I am still given this opportunity.

I would like to announce that Taming the Heat was chosen to be under the Paid Stories Program. This was my dream, to be part of something I did not expect to be. Now that I have given this opportunity I would like to grab it.

Starting December 2, Taming the Heat will be under the Paid Stories Program. I would like to ask for your loving support for Ross, Cari and for me as well. Let us always be grateful and happy for the opportunity that comes into our ways.

I will not be able to finish this story without your love and support. In exchange, I will do my best to improve and to give amazing stories for you guys.

You can read more about the Paid Program here: 

There are still five stories left for the La Grandeza Series to come to an end and rest assured that I will present these stories that will surely make you feel mixed emotions. That's what I always do.

Once again, thank you so much Daris. Keep shining even brighter!

Yours truly,


Taming the Heat (La Grandeza Series #2)Tahanan ng mga kuwento. Tumuklas ngayon