Chapter 18

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It's been about a week since I heard Damon and Bonnie passed. Me and Stefan were both marked by the Oni, which I learned the masked figures were called.

Stefan doesn't come to school anymore because he has enough credits and if he was in Mystic Falls he could have been in college like Elena and Caroline.

No one babies me anymore, which is nice. They found out there's something wrong with Stiles and his body has been taken over by Nogitsune which is some sort of 1000-year-old spirit.

We separated the dark spirit from Stiles but it tooks Stiles body form.

Somehow the Nogitsune got ahold of the Oni and Lydia, now we're fighting the Oni and trying to get to Lydia.

There's a lot going on all at once but all I know is that I have a lot of anger and I need to take out on something. Me, Stefan, Kira, Isaac, and Allison were all fighting the Oni. The one I was fighting took out their sword and swung it at me, luckily I dodged it by bending backwards.

I kept dodging and speeding past their swords when one of the masked figures grabbed my wrists and held them behind me. They are very strong and I kept struggling when another Oni came up and stabbed me with his sword again.

This time it was above my belly button right where the ribs start. They pull out the sword and left with the Nogitsune. I sink down to the ground and Stefan runs over to me I give him a faint smile and pass out in his arms. I already know this wound will take a lot of energy out of me. I could hear someone yelling I couldn't tell who or what they were yelling but it was loud.

I'm in the woods. I'm running from something, something deadly and dangerous, its coming after me.

I can't stop it, I look back and all I see is darkness. I'm still running but I smell blood, buckets full, I run to where its coming from and its a pile of bodies almost ten feet high.

I stop and look at the pile, each body has been drained of their blood. I slowly walk up to the bodies and realize I know everyone who's on the pile. They're my friends from school, my friends from Mystic Falls, the friends I made when I traveled, the Mikaelsons, and my brothers.

I start screaming and crying, what happened? Why are they here? Why are they dead? I hear something scurry behind the pile. I cautiously walk around the bodies tears streaming down my face.

There was someone hunched down feeding on someone I couldn't recognize because of the amount of blood on their face.

The person stands up and turns to face me. It was like staring at a mirror, it was me, I was wearing a dress and every inch of my body was covered in blood.

"You did this to yourself! Everyone is dead because of you! You think you're in control but you're not!" The monster I saw as myself started walking towards me.

Tears still rolling down my face she wiped them away and said "Crying makes you weak and being weak makes you breakable." She opens her mouth veins filling her face and bites into my neck.

I wake up to someone shaking me, I open my eyes to see Stefan and Scott. I was hyperventilating, I took some deep breaths and tried to calm my unsteady heartbeat. My dream felt so real it was hard to believe I was in my reality.

I look down and my wound is healing fairly fast. I smile and sit up looking at both of them. They gave me faint smiles "You've been out for a day" Scott informed me.

Stefan handed me a blood bag I grabbed it because my hunger couldn't resist. I stared at the bag, it reminded me of my dream, I could hear my heart rate increase.

I gave Stefan the bag and he gave me a questioning look but didn't ask why. We were all just awkwardly sitting in my room not saying anything.

Stefan cleared his throat and started talking "So you wanna tell us about your dream?"

My heart rate increased yet again, did he look inside me head? "What dream?" I asked my voice was very raspy.

Scott and Stefan looked over at each other and back at me. "The dream that made you scream and cry, so we had to wake you up." Scott looked worried now.

I told them I didn't remember.

We were still in my room I don't know why, I was fine last time I got impaled. "Guys you can leave, I'm fine" I said trying to convince them. They looked at each other again, Scott got up and left my room while Stefan got up and sat next to me on my bed.

Stefan started hesitantly speaking "This is some bad news, when we were fighting the Oni one of them struck Allison and she passed. When you passed out we found a way to beat the Nogitsune but Aiden also died in the process." Stefan looked at me I could tell he was sad but he wasn't as close to Allison as I was.

Why is everyone going away? Who's going to be next? I felt like screaming and crying, but nothing happened I just froze, I didn't even shed a tear.

I guess that dream did something to me because even when I wanted to cry nothing came out and I was filled with guilt and anger.

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