Rose's Disappearance

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Eran's POV
I tried calling her a number of times after the little argument,but she was offline. Tried calling her on the phone,on her landline,I even contacted with her sister but she was nowhere to be found. I really did wanted to meet and see her,even though I never saw her in reality. I think,no I'm sure that she is much more beautiful in reality,compared to her pictures found on Instagram.

Today was the first time we talked on the phone,I wasn't stunned because she used to send me some cute good morning voice recordings and trust me when I say this,her voice was exactly the kind of a tone I have been looking for in a girl. I mean,she's just the perfect girl which matches up to my expectations or demands in a girl,can't say the same for her though. Don't know if I'm really the guy she has been looking for.

I'll never ever do the shit which her exes did,I'll never hit her. I mean,who does that? The person who raises hands on their girlfriends or any female doesn't  respect their mother. This is what I believe and I know I'm right. Rolling my eyes,I once again tried calling her,but it was of no use,she had disappeared,completely.

*call incoming from Hunter*

Hunter: "hey man,you free this afternoon?"
Eran: "Yeah"

After I hung up,I went up my closet and changed into my hoodie and a jeans and searched for my car keys. I seriously hope Rose won't cut up with me for this trivial argument of ours,and I wonder where the hell she is.

Rose's POV
The sound of the fan and the cold thing which was pressed on my forehead made my body get chills. I tried to open my eyes,but I felt my each and every part of my body to ache badly. Turning around I noticed some aunties staring at me as one of them came to me and pulled the cold press from my forehead.

She kept her arm at the back of my neck and helped me sit up straight as I felt the whole environment around me,to swing. My head ached severely and I could feel the strong smell of blood as I realized my nose must have shedded blood like an ocean. "Are you feeling okay,dear?" asked the woman who pulled me up.

"I'm better,thank you but what happened?" I asked,getting all nervous. My hoodie was pulled off and my pants were undone and I was in a shirt,I don't know whom it belonged to. I quickly fixed my hair and my pants and started to look for my bag. "Are you looking for your bag?" asked another aunty.

I quickly nodded and she said that I might have left it in my class,as it hit me that I was in my class alone with that guy. "What is the time,ma'am?" I asked as she smiled and looked towards her wristwatch. "It's 4" she replied as I quickly got up from the weird not at all soft and comfortable bed and rushed towards the staircase.

My head banged out of pain and my whole body ached as if I was hit with a truck which passed over my body. I huffed as I reached the third floor and knocked in my classroom as the whole group of student's attention turned towards me. "Hey,are you okay now?" asked Mr. Williams as I nodded softly.

"Dear,I think you should call it quits for today,and go back to home" said sir,as Daisy reached the class from behind. "Ms,Daisy you are again so late!" scolded sir as she didn't really give a shit and walked to the classroom winking at me. I smiled towards her and turned to face sir. "I think,I'll be able to make it for the class" I said,as Sir finally agreed and let me in.

Daisy sat beside Richard so there was only one seat left for me,which was beside that weird guy. I rolled my eyes and decided to go with the flow,and finish up my appointed work and rush back home. After ten minutes of sirs lectures,the guy faced towards me and said, "I'm Edward,Umm.. how are you doing now?" He said as I rolled my eyes.

"Did anything happen between us? Does this shirt belong to you?" I asked,coming straight to the point. "When I was about to ask you something,you literally fainted out of nowhere and your nose had started to bleed and it was all over your hoodie,so I took you downstairs and handed the aunties who were there,my shirt and asked to take care of you while I went back home to change. Nothing else happened" he replied,as things finally began to make sense.

I nodded and thanked him for the favour and promised to return the shirt as I finished off my class work and left for my home immediately. After I came back home Jenna walked towards me and started to blabber her shitty talks. "I heard you got sick?" she asked as I rolled my eyes. "None of your business" I said walking towards my washroom to freshen up.

She came towards my bathroom,and locked us in and sat on the commode crossing her legs,which gave me a complete idea that she wanted to ruin my head even more. I sighed and turned towards her,splashing some water on my face. "Could you leave? I have to take a shower" I said,keeping my cool.

"Dude,it's been a few weeks you have been talking with Eran,and you are already in the shirt of another guy? That's just disgusting,I feel bad for him" she said,as I asked myself to keep calm. "Okay,I'm not going to repeat myself,can you leave?" I asked her one more time as she chuckled and came closer towards me.

"Veronica says,you have changed yourself and that you have a great amount of patience nowadays because you are in love with that guy,so let's test it today?" she said placing her hands on my shoulder. I shook her arm away from me and looked at her eyes, "Don't attempt to dig your own grave,bitch,you wouldn't love to see the consequences" I said,and smirked.

"Handover Eran to me,and I can take care of him more properly than you" she said,as anger pushed through my veins and my fist tightened. I gave off a sharp sarcastic laughter before yanking her towards the wall,as she turned to loook towards me hastily.

No one talks about eyeing on my man

I caught her by the arm and threw her towards my shower area and closed the door behind us and held her throat by my elbow,as she started to scream for help. "Shhhh! You scream a lot! You wanted to know the level of my patience right?" I asked her softly,yet pressing her throat more against the wall.

I turned on the shower beside us,and switched it to the geyser section as the hot water started to spring out and I kept my arm under the boiling water,and the vapour coming out of it,filled the entire area. "This is my level of patience,I won't get burned despite passing through the fire" I said,as I took some water into my fist and threw it on her face as she screamed hard as the hot water stung her face.

"And that's you,who can literally injure yourself even with the lukewarm water" I added as she started to cry. I caught her by the hair and later threw her out of the shower area. "The next time you try challenging me about snatching my man from me,I'll hurt you so bad that you will wish to die with every breath you take" I said,leaving her alone,walking out of the washroom.

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