Chapter Six

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__In Wang Mansion__

Wang Family is sitting on the couch waiting for someone patiently. No one went at their work today. Mr. Wang is too excited. Mrs. Wang prepared all kind of fancy and yummy dishes also different kind of sweets.

"When will he come dad?" Jackson asked impertinently.

"Very soon. Listen, the man who is coming, he is my high school best friend. And, we meet yesterday in a business meeting. So, I invited him. He wanted to see our family together so, Haikuan asked all of you to stay over." Mr. Wang explained.

"Ohh. Is he coming with his family?" Xuan asked.

"No. He is coming alone. He have two son and, he got divorce with his wife." Mrs. Wang replied.

"Mom, you also know him?" Asked Jackson raising his eyebrows.

"What do you mean? I was also with them in high school. " Mrs. Wang said giving a gaze to Jackson.

Everyone was busy themselves, when they heard door bell. Jackson stood up from sitting and went to the door.

"Here is he." Mr. Wang said and also run towards the door.

"Mom, I'm going to bring coffee from the coffee." Zhu Zanjin said and about to walk towards kitchen when, Mrs. Wang grasped his hand and said,

"Zanjin, I have told you. You don't have to do anything. Take rest baby. I'm here. I'm going. Take rest."

"But mom, he is your friend too. You guys enjoy. I'm going to make." Zanjin said trying to convince his mother-in-law.

"No baby. You take rest. I'm going." Mrs. Wang said.

" Stop your argument. I will make coffee." A voice make all of them turned towards the door.

"Dao Min? How are you?" Mrs. Wang exclaimed seeing her childhood friend.

"She is old now. Don't ask her. She is just alive." Mr. Wang replied which make Dao Min laugh.

"Shut up, Jian Min. You still tease her. You guys have four boys now. Idiots." Dao Min said laughingly.

"Uncle, we are used to it." Jackson said standing beside Dao Min.

"Who is he? I mean what is your name son?" Dao Min asked smiling.

"Ah, let me introduce them all. You have already meet Haikuan, he is Haikuan's husband, Zhu Zanjin." Mr. Wang said introducing Zanjin.

Zanjin smiled at Dao Min and bowed.

"This is Wang Yibo, our 2nd child. He is professor of uni in maths." Mr. Wang introduce Yibo to Dao Min.

Yibo bowed to Dao Min.

"And this is Jackson. The monkey of our family. Our 3rd child and finally this is Xuan." Mr. Wang introduce them all.

Xuan and Jackson bowed to Dao Min.

"You have a beautiful family Jian Min." Dao Min said smiling.

"More will come soon." Mr. Wang said and winked at Dao Min.

"What you have more plan? Oh God!" Dao Min exclaimed.

"Shut up you pervert." Mrs. Wang said slapping Mr. Wang's shoulder.

"What? I mean, Yibo, Jackson, Xuab will be married then, more three child will be come. Then, their child. Oh God!! I'm so excited." Mr. Wang said giggling.

Everyone brust into laugh. When, Yibo was sitting on the couch silently. Watching everyone laughing, a slight smile appears on his face but, soon that faded away.

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