The Princess and the Peasant

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Rayna's POV

     I opened my eyes as I felt my feet touch the ground . 

  "What the hell was that ?" I said facing Kyland 

who was looking at me rubbing the back of his neck . 

"Well obviously it's A form of trave-" He started making me smack him in the back of his neck . 

"It's A form of teleportation for me . I can teleport myself and anything I touch anywhere the light is shown as long as I've been there or seen it . " He said smiling . 

"But theres no light inside the house ?" I said confused . 

He pointed to the mirror on the wall across from us that reflected A ray of sunlight onto the ground in front of us. 

That's so cool !

"I know right ." Ky said smirking 

I rolled my eyes not realizing I had said it outloud. 

" I hadn't been here in forever , they really let the place go after you left huh?"Ky said wiping his hand across the dinner table sneezing as the dust flew up. 

"Where is everybody anyway ?" He asked turning towards me 

What do I tell him ?

He doesn't know about what was going on 

What do I say

"Hey Ray ..If its serious enough to get you that worked up we don't have to talk about it now ." He said pulling me into A hug . 

I hadn't even realized that my breathing had picked up and I was on the verge of tears . 

I pulled away wiping my eyes on my sleeves. 

I smiled at him before looking around 

"I think I dropped it around here ." I said pushing the broken things around in search of my necklace . 

They must have really left in A hurry .

" Back up Ray." He said before holding his necklace in his hand . 

I wonder when he got it back ? 

He chanted words in a language I had never heard , the gem attached to the necklace started to glow and float into A direction as if telling us to follow it. 

" Come on ." Ky said following the necklace with me trailing after him

The gem led us to the kitchen , as soon as the door opened rats and other bugs scattered making me jump back . 

"What a mess..." Ky mumbled under his breath in confusion as he stared at the untouched pots on the stove 

Once filled with food now filled to the brim with what looked to be mold and maggots . 

The stench hurt my sensitive nose as we drew closer .

The necklace fell into Kylands hand making him stop in his tracks. 

He used his shoes to brush away the broken glass, the echo's of the once shattering glass surrounded me . 

"R....ay...RAY!" I jumped as the sound of Kylands worried voice filled my ears. 

I looked towards my brother who's eyes had been overcome with worry and heartbreak . 

I smiled softly at him before looking around where his foot was. 

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