Chapter 1- emberlynn

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"Class dismissed," Professor Snape said as he shooed away the students who sat in their seats. Everyone immediately started chatting with their friends and gathering their belongings that lay on the tables.

Professor Snape stood behind his desk, watching a Gryffindor student who hadn't moved an inch since he dismissed the class. He watched the way she sat completely still buried into her book, not looking up once. Her crystal blue eyes scanning the worn out cream colored pages. And the way her long light brown/dirty blonde hair hung over her face.

One of the last students leaving the Potions classroom was walking out the doorway before he turned around and noticed that Emberlynn hadn't moved. He made his way towards where she was seated and stood above her.

She didn't look up.


Emberlynn then put her hand up near the boy's face, as if shushing him. She didn't look up once. Her eyes kept fixated on the book in front of her. She looked determined. Her head slightly began looking up but her eyes still fixated on the book.

"Aaaand done", Emberlynn said while bookmarking her book and shutting it closed. She then looked up at the boy and gave him a smile.

"Sorry there Neville, I didn't mean to be rude. It's just I had to finish that last chapter I was on", she said while gathering her things in her book bag. "Oh it's quite alright, I don't mind waiting", said the boy.

"Well I do", Professor Snape said standing behind Neville. Emberlynn looked up from putting her Potions Textbook into her book bag to Professor Snape. "Oh my apologies Professor, I didn't mean to keep you waiting. I've just been loving this new book and I had to finish this chapter I was on. It's so good, you should read it Prof-"

"No thank you Ms. Blackwood, I would just prefer if you and Mr. Longbottom would continue your conversation elsewhere. Mr. Longbottom unsettles me anytime he's in my classroom. He always seems to break something", interrupted Snape. His cold eyes then turned away from the two students and walked towards the doorway gesturing for them to leave.

Emberlynn's eyes stayed staring at Snape. Why did everyone always have to be so rude to Neville, it made Emberlynn furious. Especially since a professor out of all the people at Hogwarts, was being mean to such a wholesome boy. She didn't know why Snape was always so grouchy. He did seem to like her sometimes, he would recommend books that she could read and give her compliments on her potion making. It would be very nice whenever he would, it made Emberlynn feel like he actually had a heart.

Neville didn't hesitate to start helping her put all her things in her bag. He was quite afraid of Snape. But then again, who wasn't?

Emberlynn tucked her bag under her arm and walked with Neville past Snape and out the classroom. Her and Neville were a couple steps out of the classroom before she stopped.

Neville turned to look at her, "Emberlynn please don't", he pleaded. She furrowed her eyebrows and twirled around to face Professor Snape who was locking up his classroom.

"Professor, I thought you were in quite a good mood today", Emberlynn began. Snape looked over at the girl who stood there struggling to hold up her book bag under her arm. "I was—until Mr. Longbottom stayed a couple minutes behind in class", Snape answered with a devilish grin on his face.

She looked behind her to see Neville not paying any attention to her or the Professor, but instead interested in a plant that was growing in a crack of cement a few feet away.

Emberlynn knew how much Neville was fascinated with plants, he was always exploring the grounds at Hogwarts to find new plants to put in his journal. She turned back to look at Snape, who looked disgusted with what Neville was doing.

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