How do I know you

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"First we have a guest, our youngest sister- Sophia Mikealson"

Sophia's POV

All eyes looked up to the stairs, I stood there smiling down at everyone. "Shall we begin?" I asked whilst walking down the stairs.

"We shall" I heard Kol state holding his arm out for me, as I don't have a date.

I looked over to Damon and Stefan who stood there gobsmacked, me being the flirt I am I walked over to Stefan, pulling Kol along we me.

"Hi Stefan, long time no see I hope your back is feeling better." I said whilst looking him in the eye, I look over to see Kol smirking at me knowing what I'm about to do.

"I'm fine, but now I know how you are so strong. Your name sounds familiar, like I've heard of you before."

Looking him directly in the eye "you can remember".

Stefan's POV

"You can remember" was all she said before walking away with her brother towards the ball room, when loads of memories came coming back.

All of 1864, how Damon was head over heels for her; 1920s, sitting at the bar with her brother, Niklaus, trying to ignore the boys hanging off of her.


I was sat drink and laughing with the other men in Glorias bar when "sorry to crash the fun boys but some of us actually came here to hear the music, not you." A stunning lady sasses at us.

"I am so sorry sweetheart are offending you" I said back. Another lady walked over as the first one said "it would take a lot more then a baby face then this to offend me".

The other lady came up to us and asked "hey Rebekah is everything ok?" She was wearing a black and gold flapper dress, black feather head band, black gloves, diamond and Pearl necklace and some fishnet tights.

"I'm ok Sophia" Rebekah assured "Go and find our brother he will be angry if you get into more trouble" she demanded her sister

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"I'm ok Sophia" Rebekah assured "Go and find our brother he will be angry if you get into more trouble" she demanded her sister.

"But I'm hungry" she wined giving puppy dog eyes to her sister, then a man came out of nowhere "Sophia there you are" speaking with a strong British accent.

He looked up at me "Rebekah, Sophia is this boy bothering you" vamping out his face. "No Nicklaus, but that won't scare him he's a baby vampire", smiled at the man stood in front of me. I put out my hand in front of me, he took it and shook it.

End of flashback

I headed towards the ball room seeing Elena dancing with Damon. It was time to swap, I grabbed onto Elena but I quickly looked over to Sophia who was now dancing with a random stranger who was trying to touch her up.

Sophia's POV

I was dancing with a horny teenager when I see Stefan glance at me. I smirked at how confused he was, but after the dance I just walked towards my room when I heard Kol speaking to someone.

"Good evening, your Rebekah's friend. We haven't met".


"Matt Donovan." Matt responded,

"Kol Mikaelson" he replies breaking matts hand.

"Hey hey hey, easy on the hand. That guys the quarter back". Damon!

I rush out to the balcony to see Damon push
Kol off of it, "DAMON STOP" I shout after him as he jumps down.

The last thing I hear is him snap Kol's neck then everything goes back.

I wake up in a brick cell and a metal door, I can smell the vervain and wolfsbane. I hear the door unlock and see Stefan standing there with a blood bag, he hands it to me and I hastily take it.

"So why did you compel us?" Stefan asked
"Where am I?" I respond, worried about my brothers wrath when I finds out I'm missing.

"your in the Salvatore boarding house, you have been out for 3 days and I have not told Damon about you" he replies dryly. "Now why did you compel us?"

"I compelled you because I didn't want you newbie vampires following me around..."

"Newbies?" Stefan replies feeling hurt. "You don't get it do you!?"i mumbled. "I don't want you to be in danger,if you traipsing behind me me people will kill you and you brother!"

Stefan looked away stunned."Why"
" really are silly aren't you,I'm a bloody original vampire,I kill hundred year old vampires,tear families apart,and I'm the most powerful thing on this earth."

Before he can say anything I scream ossox.
He collapses harshly on the ground.

I brush he cheek slightly then push the metal bars aside. I take a step over his body, I glance back,then move along.

As I'm leaving the cell, I hear Damon call Stefan's name, a pang of guilt floods through my body.
I try impersonating Stefan's voice "Errr yes Damon?"

"Sophia?" He catches me off guard as he walks straight through the cell door. "Where is Stefan?"he asked as I waltzed back trying to hide his body with my dress.

"Ah...he just went to get me a umm blood bag!"
"He came down with a blood bag...I gave to him" he answered dryly.

"Oh well he must of left it up there!" I said in a jokingly way.

"Ah ok...let me fetch him" as he leaves the cell.
I pick up Stefan and vamp sped to his room, I locked the door behind me and placed Stefan on his bed.

I could hear Damon banging on the door "Hey Stef, wha are you doing in there?"
I went to jump out the window but then I see Caroline with Klaus, I decide to see what my big brother was talking about.

"So love, have you any idea where my little sister has gone it's been 3 days?" I hear Klaus say

"I have told you I have no idea," Caroline said panicked.", she may be somewhere with the Salvatore's."

"Hmmmm" Klaus replied

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