twenty-two: Truth or Dare

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Hi my sweethearts!!
Its been so long ik ik and im really sorry even though y'all understand I have a life and I'm busy I still feel like I need to apologize for letting you guys wait so long :((



Y/n has a best friend named sky and three other friends named Xai,
Angel and Robin.

Y/n has three sisters, a cousin who is jung hoseok and childhood best friend park jimin.

Y/n has a crush on namjoon and after hearing his ideal type, y/n
decides to lose weight.

After accidentally bumping into jungkook and Sky having conflict with him. Y/n then decides to ask jungkook to be her trainer.

Y/n then sees a pianist and begins to feel emotions that had long before been forgotten but is now bringing up the past.

Y/n gets accidentally gets punched in the face by a punching bag by hyunjin and a friendship is then formed between y/n and hyunjin.

Yuta is y/ns neighbour and has a younger half brother.

Now the group is at a party, y/n stood up for herself and also had a chat with jungkook.

Let's get it!!!

After going inside the house, you were immediately dragged by a very happy and hyper Angel. Losing jungkook, you found yourself sat cross-legged on the wooden floor. You gazed at the empty beer bottle laying in the centre of the circle and you suppressed a frown.

Truth or dare. Really?

You had nothing against this game only that in fifth grade you were heavily humiliated. Okay, maybe you did hate this game. Never believe people when they say 'it will stay between us' or 'it won't leave this circle', what a load of crap. The secrets and dares are what people feed off and use as leverage for whatever twisted thing they wanted to do just because they could, no remorse just plain cruelty and lets say nothing ever comes out good when you play this game, something always happens. Just like now. But that's the game right? Expect the unexpected.

Kill me now. You mentally pleaded.

"Who wants to go first?" You avoided the said persons gaze and brought your knees up to your chest making yourself as small as possible.

"I'll go" a deep voice muttered across from you but you didn't dare look up, only mentally pleading to not be picked.

The bottle spun and your heart began to race. Your eyes stayed glued to the bottle waiting for it to stop and slowly it came to a halt. Your breath hitched, its not pointed at you, but at the person who sat on the couch behind you.


"Dude, are you even playing?" Angel asked, you forgot angel was here, sitting at the opposite direction and you gave her a soft glare (unbeknownst to her) for dragging you here.

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