Chapter 2- the prank

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It's the next morning after the incident happened with Professor Snape, and how Hermione agreed to let Ember do some sort of prank on Professor Umbridge.

Emberlynn sat in the shower with her knees to her chest, staring down at her toes.

She felt the water hitting down on her bare back. It was one of her favorite feelings.

She let go of her knees and looked down at her naked body. She watched the small drops of water run down her at full speed.

She hadn't gotten much sleep last night, due to her nonstop thinking of what she could possibly do to Umbridge that would be good enough.

She thought about setting pixies into her classroom, hexing her and giving her a potion that gives her boils all across her body. But nothing seemed to be good enough.

Emberlynn usually didn't have trouble coming up with these types of things. But when thinking about Dolores Umbridge, it couldn't be just another prank, it had to be extraordinary.

Ember looked up at the shower head, letting the water pour down on her face, trying to wash away the sleepiness.


Emberlynn suddenly startled not being able to make out who's voice that was, quickly got herself up. She slightly opened the glass shower door, "uhm yes?"

"Why are you taking such a long time in there? Don't tell me you're-"

"Stop yourself right there George Weasley!", Ember said not wanting him to finish his sentence. "Wait—what are you doing in my room !?"

"I was coming to see why you aren't already in Umbridge's classroom setting up your master plan...", he said with his back to towards the door.

Emberlynn rolled her eyes, "That's the problem...I haven't thought of one", she said slightly ashamed to say it.

"Have you considered pissing in her cereal like I suggested?", George said with a laugh.

Ember let out a small giggle, "Real funny. I actually might need your and Freddie's help with this one...if your up for it"

George scoffed, "You kidding? We'd be honored", he said as he bowed to the door. "Now hurry up and get out here, me and Fred already discussed last night whats going to go down"

Ember raised her eyebrows in surprise, "Oh so you knew that I would need your guy's help then eh?"

George pursed his lips and said "We just wanted to help Ember, don't need to get all wacko on me now. I'll go get Fred!"

Emberlynn let it go and turned off the water.


The twins and herself were currently in her room discussing what was going to happen in the next couple of minutes.

"So, everyone understand their role then?", Fred asked his brother and Ember. They both began to nod their heads when the door burst open.

Everyone's heart nearly jumped out of their chest due to the sudden movement, only to see Ginny in the doorway out of breath.

"She'", Ginny said in tiny gusts of words.

The three sitting on the bed all looked at each other with devilish smirks. "Here we go", Ember said picking up the poly juice potion from the bed.

The four students began running down tons of flights of stairs listening to Ginny tell them how she was finally able to get Umbridge into her classroom by herself.

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