[35] Baby Antonio

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B O Y ' S

Days began to pass by quickly, days became weeks in what seemed like a few seconds. Archer and I had surpassed one week together, two weeks together, and now three weeks together. Three weeks had come and gone, however, Archer and I still were in the honeymoon phase. There was banter, chemistry, and an endless amount of affection.

Although I received an abundance of affection from Archer, he was still the same old Archer. He continued to mess with me and we still annoyed one another. 

This weekend we planned to spend our time together relaxing, the second half of the school year was full of exams and essays that cause sleep deprivation and stress. Although we didn't have anything exciting planned, being in one another's company was enough for us.

It's four minutes past eleven in the morning when I arrive at Archer's house. I get out of my car and quickly make my way to Archer's front door, knocking on it once I stand in front of it. It is always a pleasure to see Archer outside of school, seeing one another in between classes simply doesn't cut it.

As soon as Archer unlocks his front door he pulls me into an embrace. We see each other daily, however, it didn't seem to stop Archer from ever missing me. Archer shuts the front door with his foot and goes in for a kiss, my back ending up against the front door due to his feverish kiss. I kiss back with equally as much passion before the door slowly begins to swing open, causing us to topple back.

"Ahem," I hear a woman's voice say.

Archer stands himself up more properly due to the sudden interruption, wiping my lipstick off his lips. I also straighten myself up and move to the side, putting distance in between Archer and I. It seems as if good impressions are suddenly not my thing.

"Aunt Bella, what are you doing here?" Archer asks casually, or at least as casually as he possibly can.

"I'm in town to meet my new nephew and your mother said that it would be okay if I stayed here with you. The whole family is actually coming over here right now for lunch," she explains, staring at me, "I didn't think that you would be busy and occupied."

I give her a small smile in which she surprisingly returns.

"Elliot Grey," I say, extending a hand.

She shakes my hand and introduces herself, "Bella."

"There's no reason for you to be so formal, you're my nephew's girlfriend, not a complete stranger," she says with the smile.

Bella walks into the house and puts her purse and weekender bag on the dining room table. At a closer glance, it becomes evident that Bella is the sister of Archer's mother and Sofia's mother. 

While Bella situates herself I take the time to make myself more presentable, making my way to the bathroom.

I expected that we would just watch movies and have a relaxing day, however, I now know that I anticipated wrongly. Archer's family was coming over, in fact, one new member was already here.

After a few minutes, I hear a knock on the bathroom door. I open the door to reveal Archer standing on the opposite side.

"I'm sorry, I'm going to need to take a rain check on our relaxing day. I didn't know that my family would be having a get-together here today. You can go home if you want," Archer says, pausing for a moment before continuing, "or you could stay and get to know my family."

I walk outside of the bathroom and stand in the hallway with him, thinking about my options.

"Would it be okay if I stayed?" I ask.

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