Choco bed

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Charlotte's pov

"Listen you no good nick i love you" i said standing infront of the tv .

Im watching tvd and damon is just so damn fine. Fucking hell!

"Can you fucking sit down already" jake whined.

"No wait!" I said and kissed the tv.

"Okay that's enough" nick said.

I huffed and plopped down on the loveseat.

"Charlotte Jasmine Coleman!" I heard aaron yell.

Shit ...wait ...

"How does aaron know my middle name?" I asked narrowing my eyes.

"I sorta told him" nick smiled batting his eyelashes.

"Coming!" I yelled and glared at nick as i walked out of the living room.

"Why is there chocolate in my bed?" Aaron asked as i walked into his room.

"I love you" i smiled .

He narrowed his eyes and threw me with chocolate.

"Dude im wearing white" i yelled trying to dodge the chocolate.

"My sheets were white" he yelled .

"Geez your such a rich boy" i mumbled.

He glared at me .

"Why are you yelling?" Nick asked walking in.

"Rich boy is pissy about his sheets" i said .

"Fuck off" aaron grumbled .

"Aww so sweet" nick said.

"Bye nick" aaron waved.

"Im only leaving cause i want to not because you told me to" he said and walked off.

"Byeeee" i smiled.

"Not so fast woman" he growled and pulled me back.

I sighed and gave him my puppy dog eyes.

"Not gonna work" he said bored and i pouted.

"That might" he smirked and pecked my lips.

"Since your bed is ruined you could always sleep in my bed" i said.

"Yay" he said rolling his eyes.

"Oh you love it" i smirked and squeezed his cheeks.

He rolled his eyes and threw me onto the bed .

"My top" i cried .

"Sorry babe" aaron chuckled.

"Yeah laugh this is your favourite shirt" i smirked and aaron glared at me.

He lifted me up and threw me over his shoulder and walked out.

"Can you put me down?" I asked as we walked down the stairs and into the living room.

I got thrown on the sofa . I huffed and sat up and aaron sat next to me putting his arm around me.

"Did you guys have sex?" Jake asked.

"Eww no" i said throwing him with a pillow.

"Klaus!" I yelled.

"Yes we're watching orginals shut up" luke said .

I rolled my eyes and rested my head on Aaron's shoulder.

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