Chapter 3- willow

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The hallways seemed endless—it seemed like the gang were running through the crowded halls for ages.

The corner they turned always led to something different, it also always led to another Professor trying to stop them from continuing on running.

"If you students do not stop running—there will be enormous consequences!", Professor Sinistra yelled as the gang turned another corner.

"Guys! We should really stop! We are going to get expelled!", Hermione said raising her voice.

"Oh please Granger, we are just running, just getting in a little fitne-", Fred said while running into someone.

Fred landed straight on his ass, and took Emberlynn down with him.

Ember, clutching her ankle looked over at Fred who was rubbing his hip, "Nice one Weasley.."

She was still looking at Fred, but Fred was more focused on who knocked them over.

Ember turned her head to look at who it was.

Willow Young.

Emberlynn absolutely hated Willow Young. Ever since their 1st year, Willow was constantly trying to compete with Ember, and most of the time she won.

Willow was the same year as Ember, a sixth year. She was about an inch or two taller than Ember and had bright platinum blonde hair with straight perfect bangs. She pretty much had perfect everything, since she was spoiled to the core by her pureblood parents. But the thing that Ember hated most about Willow was how she would nonstop steal the boys that Ember was interested in. She would always find out who Ember liked, and Ember never knew how. But the one boy Willow has never known about was Fred until now, when she saw Ember and Fred holding hands.

Ember's expression dropped.

What. The. Hell. Is. This. Bitch. Doing. Here. Ember thought to herself.

Ember propped herself up on her elbows, trying to get up off of the floor.

Willow didn't look at Ember once. All her focus was on Fred Weasley. She smiled and offered out her hand, "Let me help you", as Fred was struggling to get up from his hip being hurt.

Ember's nostrils flared. Is this bitch serious right now?

Willow helped up Fred, but didn't seem to let go of his hand.

Ember was slowly getting up when Fred let go of Willow's hand and turned back to help Ember up. "Oh no let me help her", Willow insisted.

At this point Ember didn't care who helped her up, her ankle was throbbing with pain from being twisted. She took Willow's hand and in the middle of being lifted up off the ground, she began to put pressure on her right ankle.

Willow noticed that Ember was hurt and decided to use that against her. She quickly let go of Ember's hand—resulting in Ember slamming back into the floor, twisting her ankle even more.

Ember screamed in pain, her eyes quickly began to water.

"Emberlynn! Oh my god! Are you okay!? Let me help", Fred said rushing to Ember's side then beginning to pick her up bridal style.

"Oh my goodness! How clumsy of you Ember, you poor little thing!", Willow said walking away, as Fred started lifting Ember into his arms.

Ember wrapped her arms around Fred's neck and laid her head in the crook of his neck, trying to hide her tears from being seen by Willow.

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