Chapter 5

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"Class I have an announcement, New York has hosted a competition for th-"


Four kids in the class Silently groaned. Most of the class rushed to the windows trying to get at least a glimpse of their heroes. Out of all the things that they expected, they did not expect the Eiffel Tower to be flying.

soon the heroes appeared.

"What's the akuma.?" ladybug asked 

 "Monsieur Pigeon.....Again." Empress said lazily.

"Let's get this over with" ladybug said as she summoned her lucky charm.

Protector, chat noir, Empress and ladybug tried their best to keep the Eiffel tower on the ground but apparently, trying your best isn't enough.

Chat noir and ladybug we're hanging on to the yo-yo, while Empress and protector hung onto empress's spinner.

"Empress you've gotta let go!!!" Ladybug yelled 


"Let go!"

Empress released her yo-yo/spinner, while protector summoned his shield to soften their fall.

"Since Paris doesn't want us, we'll just go to the moon just like in Jules berg's book.

"And how do you plan on breathing in space, bird brain!!?" Chat asked 

"Come my dear pigeons. In space no one can hear you krooooo"  Mr.pigeon said, imitating the pigeons.

Ladybug looked at the book ,the lucky charm, a pigeon and the tower before yelling 

"I think I know what to do with my lucky charm!" While yanking her yo-yo 

"Let's bring him back to earth before he fries himself."

"Power up!" they both said in unison 

Meanwhile (on ground/earth)

 Empress groaned "ow" 

"You okay?" Protector asked 


"You remind me of someone"

"Wow I'm honored" empress said sarcastically "shit I think I broke a rib" 

Shield looked up to see ladybug and chat noir.....Flying!!!

"This is ridiculous, utterly ridiculous how come they get to fly and we don't. I'm a freaking bee! And cats don't even fly!!"

Protector looked at her In recognition.

"what?" she said, feeling uncomfortable 

"n-nothing" Protector said not looking at her.


"Check out Cosmo bug and Astro cat Flying in those new suits"

 Alya said while recording live "This is Alya Césaire live from Paris where our heroes are battling Mr. pigeon for The 51st time. they really are miraculous aren't they? "

A swarm of red and pink ladybugs surrounded the Eiffel Tower Before bringing it down.


"There you are" Ladybug said placing the book on the stand 

"there you are. oops, you already said that" Chat noir said offering her a rose 

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