Chapter Five

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Tasha's Pov
The month without Illumi went by very quickly but I use it to pass time quite easily, making Illumi his dress. Bonding with not just Killua but all the Zoldyck members actually. It was a little harder with Milluki since he didn't think I was worth to marry into the family.

But then again I never thought I was worthy for anything really. I was almost done with the dress and honestly, I was quite damn proud of myself really. It was black and either would look bad or good, maybe an inbetween but I wasn't sure till Illumi tried it on.

"Where's my wife!" I jumped a little in surprised looking up at the clock. I yawned seeing it was around three am. Man time passes by super fast without realizing it.

"She's in her room sir. " I heard footsteps nearing the room drinking from my energy drink.  I shook my head deeply watching the door opened and in stepped Illumi with his hair tied in a ponytail behind his head. His dull eyes actually held emotion and he looked happy.

"Mommy." He mumbled walking inside making me grin holding my arms out he came inside sitting right in my lap.

"Hey Illumi baby, how was the mission? " I asked feeling relaxed by his warmth and scent that was his own.

"Tiring, Hisoka is always messing around and we never get things done." Illumi muttered cuddling into my arms I felt him peeking around to stare at my work desk.

"What's all this?" He muttered a little looking with interest. I grinned a little.

"Well I thought to save everyone from you trying to kill hard working designers. I decided to make you your dress, I think it's pretty good, but I want you to try it on, I'm sure I got the measurement right but just to be sure." I was a little taken back when I felt Illumi cupped at my face pressing his lips into mine for a very soft kiss.

He slide his arms in place around my neck and I carefully held him better in my lap.

"I'm sure it's amazing babe, thank you for putting in so much effort for our wedding, it makes me... So happy I haven't felt that in a while." I smiled at Illumi when he moved to nuzzle his head on my neck.

"I don't want it to ever go away... Not ever." I slide my arms to stay around his back much more nuzzling.

"We can have as many happy moments as we desire as long as we wanna be happy."

"Illumi dear come on! We still have more invitations to send, it's just family out here."

"Stop rushing me! It's kinda big."

"That's what she said." I smacked my head so fast when Killua got hit with his mom's fan so hard making him yelp.

"What!" He whined rubbing the spot.

"Why is Illumi wearing a dress anyway?" Milluki hissed out stuffing his face with some cheese puffs and other snacks around him.

"Because Illumi wants to wear one, plus he looks good, why does it matter?" I grumbled Milluki just grumbled.

"Let's see your sewing skills in action." He huffed out.

"I'm gonna hit you one day Milluki." I chuckled but I watched with interest when Illumi came out with his hair up in a bun spinning showing off the black well.. Wedding gown.

"Oh my!" Kikyo gasped a little.

"I think it looks amazing." Illumi grinned a little looking happily.

"You made that Tasha!" Killua shouted wide eyed.

"The sleeves are my favorite. It's so amazing babe." Illumi gushed out a bit.

"The sleeves are dashing, you made this in a month?" Kikyo questioned looking back at me with interest. "With a few nights of not sleeping yeah it's quite easy actually, I just need black material and some lace Killua went with me to go get the materials. " I laughed out gently.

"He looks like a princess! Illumi you have a talented wife what the hell!" Killua whined out sulking.

"Yeah I know right she's perfect."

  "Killua!" Kikyo yelled at him making him flinch but whine out.

"I can't help it okay! Cussing is good for the mind and body." I shook with laughter but I stood up going over to stand with Illumi who was tracing the dress in awe, almost like it wasn't real.

"So do you like it love? I can always make you another dress if you like?" He spun around fast jumping on me well the best he could Nut b I caught him quickly squeaking.

"Its perfect! How are you so perfect I'm already madly in love with you thank you." I laughed nervously chuckling hugging him keeping my arms secure around his petite waist.

"Aww you flatter me too much, I just want to make sure everything is perfect." I chuckled nervously setting Illumi back right on his feet I turned back to Milluki, Killua, and Kikyo since the other two were doing things.

"This wedding is either gonna have two ways it will go." Illumi suddenly spoke out a bit gazing at me.

"My family is strange, always have been it will either go as planned or end in a disaster either way we will be married." He chuckled looking away for just a moment studying himself.

"I think that happens at all weddings baby, I think that's unavoidable."

"Just my luck someone will get killed at mine." I started laughing quietly at the thought patting at his back.

"Your family is full of assassins baby." I spoke through laughter making him smile my way. But he had a good point really.

The dress she made

The dress she made

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