December 8-Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

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"Good morning Haz." Louis greeted shyly as he entered the dressing room as the last one. He had given up the idea to get to work early and was cutting it close.

"Hi, Lou." Harry beamed, equally shy.

"Hi, Louis." Liam greeted.

"Uhm, what? Oh, hi guys!" Louis answered after he tore his eyes off Santa and looked around the room, noticing the rest of them.

He hurried to get changed. Harry waited for him and they left the dressing room together, both totally oblivious that Niall was following their interaction with interest. He grabbed Rudolph's horn when Liam and Zayn tried to leave.
"Guys! Oh for fucks sake, poke your head out Zayn. I don't want to talk to Rudolph's arse!"

Zayn did as he was told.
"What is it? It's hard to get in this costume so it better be important!"

"Nothing is more important than Santa and the elf's love life!" Niall said.

"Ni, that sounded gross. Just Harry and Louis!" Liam complained.

"Yeah, and how is that any of our business? If they get together, that's great but..." Zayn said.

"Have you not paid attention? They're both too shy to make a move!" Niall said upset.

"What are we gonna do about it? Maybe they don't like each other in that way. Okay, they clearly do but they're both adults. It's up to them." Liam said.

"You two are useless! I'll fix it myself. Zayn, get back behind Liam's ass, we need to get to work." Niall huffed.

Niall watched Harry and Louis glance at each other when they thought that the other one didn't see. Sometimes they looked at each other at the same time and immediately looked away. Niall was sure that Harry was blushing underneath his Santa mask and Louis surely was.

They interacted with the children that waited in line to see Santa and before they knew it it was time for lunch. Niall watched them talk and laugh while they ate. They were both totally oblivious of the world around them. Anna tried to talk to both of them but couldn't get their attention which pissed her off.

They were both really bad at flirting. They were both insecure and shy and Niall wanted to faceplant in front of them and yell "come on!" but he didn't of course. He didn't know how to help them but he did know one thing for sure, they were absolutely perfect for each other. He needed a plan.

They went back to work after their lunch break. Harry sat in his chair and watched Louis interact with the children as he brought them to see Santa. He just adored this side of Louis. He really liked kids and he was so good with them. He calmed the scared and nervous ones by making them laugh. He always made it look like Santa already knew their names and the kids were beaming.

Louis was just a great person to sit and admire what he was like. He had never met anyone like him before and he couldn't help that he got all shy and flustered around him. He had been the one who asked him out for coffee and it had been great but Louis hadn't asked him out on something after that. Maybe he wasn't interested?

Louis was thinking the same thing. Harry hadn't asked him to hang out again after they went to drink coffee together. Maybe he had decided then that he wasn't interested? Otherwise, he would have asked him out again, right? He knew he should ask him instead, but he was too shy. Harry made him nervous. He was beautiful and kind and sweet to kids.

Their workday was finally over and Harry got down from his chair. His left ass cheek had fallen asleep from the uncomfortable chair and he shook his leg in an effort to wake it up. That only made him trip over his own feet and he fell on his arse with an "oof."

Niall started laughing and Liam joined him. Louis reached out a hand to help him stand up with a grin on his lips.
"What's happening, guys? I can't see!" Zayn complained.

That only made them laugh harder. Harry took Louis's hand and stood up. He was glad that the Santa mask covered his blushed cheeks.

"Hi." Louis chuckled.

They still held hands and stood there frozen in place. At least until Niall whined. "I'm hungry!"

Louis turned to look at him.
"Me too! Wanna grab a pizza?"

"Yes!" Niall shouted exhilarated.

Louis turned to Harry.
"Ehm, wanna join us?" He asked shyly.

"Sure!" Harry immediately agreed.

"Rudolph and Rudolph's ass, what about it?" Niall asked.

"Yeah! If you stop calling me Rudolph's ass!" Zayn huffed and Liam agreed as well with a chuckle.

They got changed and headed out together. Anna had other plans and no one was grieving. They found a pizza place nearby and ordered before they say down in a booth. They had a great evening together, talking and laughing while they ate.

When they came outside on their way home it was snowing. Harry reached out his arms and spun around while he tried to catch snowflakes with his tongue. Louis watched him in awe. He looked like an angel. Harry stopped spinning and locked eyes with Louis and smiled.
"I love snow."

"Me too." Louis said and returned the smile.

They headed for the subway and parted ways. Louis and Harry got on the same train while Niall, Liam, and Zayn went in different directions. Harry and Louis lived close to each other and Louis was the first one to get off.
"I had a great day today Haz. I'll see you tomorrow." He smiled.

"Yeah, me too. Bye Lou." Harry smiled.

Louis got off at his station and Harry watched him until the train took off again and he could no longer see the smaller man. He let out a happy sigh. Today had been perfect.

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