A new threat

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Mei lee:" I'm not telling." As a group of demon beast surround Rimuru.

Rimuru:" Rem and Ram, Take the kids and run!" Rem and Ram run with the kids and look in shock as all of the demon beast are stuck between a metal string. Rimuru Pulls the metal string causing it to crush all of the demon beast.

Rimuru:" Now answer me, who are you?"

Mei lee:" You...You killed my sister."

Rimuru:" You talking about...uh..Elsa. You have two choices, Either you die or you run away and never show you face to me again. I'd Rather not kill a kid you know."

The villager's look at Rimuru like he's crazy because he just threatened to kill a child.

The village cheif:" You cant kill her, she's just a child."

Rimuru:" Rather she lives or dies depends on her decision."

Rem and Ram come running back. Looking at the dead demon beast that surround him. Blood splattered across the ground.

Ram:" Who is this girl?"

Rimuru:" she claims to be Elsa's sister."

Ram:" Who is that?"

Rimuru:" The one who tried to kill Emilia but don't worry I killed her.(Rimuru looking down at Mei Lee says):" So whats your decision?"

All of a sudden one demon beast appears but does not attack.

Rimuru:" Are you trying to get your self killed."

Mei Lee:" No...Ill be using that demon beast to get home."

Rimuru lets go of Mei Lee. "She's finally gone now, I did not want to kill her. She's just a child but if I ever see her again I'll have no choice to kill but to kill her."

Rimuru looking lost in thought and a little bit disturbed Rem ask:" Rimuru will this village be safe?

Rimuru:" Yes, you see this morning I sensed an evil intent coming from this village. Thats why I wanted to come her."

Rem:" Why didn't you tell us?"

Rimuru:" Its because, you don't trust me. I've known for a while now that you dont trust me."

Rem:" Thats not true, What made you think that."

Rimuru:" Thats a lie, you may not want to admit but.."

Ram:" Stop the both of you there no point to go any further in this discussion. Anyways all are shopping is done so we should go back to the Mansion."

Rem and Rimuru both agree what with Ram is saying and say bye to the villagers. When they get to the Mansion, they see Rosswaal walks out of the front door of the mansion.

Roswaal:" My my... What good thing it is to see y'all as of my way out. I have to go meet up with somebody. While I'm gone Im trust that you will protect miss Emilia, Rimuru."

Both Rem and Ram are Surprised that Roswaal ask Rimuru of all people.

Ram:" Yes, Lord Roswaal. Even if it cost us our lives."

Roswaal walking past Rimuru says:" I have high hopes for you Rimuru. Please don't disappoint me."

Rimuru:" No problem."

Roswaal flys away at a fast speed.

Ram Mumbling to Rem:" Why did Lord Roswaal ask him.

Rem:" I don't know but this means that we can trust Rimuru."

As they walk in Emilia is waiting patiently for Rimuru.

Emilia:" Your finally back!"

Rimuru:" Did something happen?"

Emilia:" No I heard some noises from the village, sound like dying wolfs. Is everything all right?"

Rimuru:" Ya, it fine I delt with the problem."

Emilia:" Well anyways, Tomarow I have to go to the capital for some royal selection business. So I was wandering if you want to come."

Rimuru:" sure."

The next day Rimuru was talking to Emilia in the front of the mansion but then he noticed a dragon carriage with and old man standing to the side of it.

Rimuru:" Who is that?"

Emilia:" Oh there here, sorry I have to go. why don't you go talk to that man."

Emilia in a rush walks away, So Rimuru walks towards the man. When he gets there he says:" Yo, My name is Rimuru tempest."

The old man:" Hello, I am Wilhelm Van Astrea. It is a pleasure to meet you."

Rimuru:" Anyways what business do you have with Emilia."

Wilhelm:"May I ask, what kind of relationship do you have with miss Emilia?."

Rimuru:"  Where friend's."

Wilhelm:"Interesting, How did you meet?"

Rimuru:" She lost her insignia so I help her find It. Then some crazy Black haired women that loves to cut people's intestines out came and tried to kill her."

Wilhelm had a shocked Impresion on his face but was quickly distracted by a cat girl walking up to him.

Rimuru:" who is this?"

Wilhelm:" This is Lugunica best healer Ferris."

Ferris:" Meow, Wilhelm you must be bored siting out here."

Wilhelm:" That's not the case. You see the young man sitting here has been keeping me company "

Ferris:" Oh, Anyways I came here to tell you it is time to leave."

Wilhelm:" It was nice to meet you but I have to be going now."

Rimuru:" Ok cya."

A couple hours later Roswaal ask Rimuru to come talk to him in private.

Rosswaal:" Thiiiis queestion is very important to Emilia and I think yooou might like it.

Rimuru:" Please just tell me what it is."

Roswaal:" As I aready know your far stronger than me both magically and physically. I waaas wondering if you Would like to become Emilia Knight." Roswaal looks at him with greed on his eye's.

"I don't know if I should. Can I trust him." Rimuru thought.

Roswaal seeing that Rimuru Did not answer for a few seconds decides to talk. "You see Miss Emilia Does not have a knight which is a very important thing to a potential next king of Lugunica. So whats your decision?"

Rimuru:" Why bring this up all of a sudden? I see nothing but greed in your eye's. What is your purpose of putting Emila in Royal selection. Though I don't know your intentions and what your thinking but I'll become Emilias knight "

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