Chapter Seven

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__Xiao Zhan's POV__

All of a sudden, dad said his childhood friend want to see me. I asked him to call them in our house. But, he said we have to go their. I rejected but, he is my dad. He literally blackmail me emotionally and I couldn't say no this time. So, finally we are going dad's friend's house with a lot of sweets and fruits, chocolates. Jiyang couldn't come because of his school. Now, I'm driving the car and dad is sitting beside me.

"Dad, is this necessary?" I asked making my face like, please say no. I'm begging you.

"Yes." Dad replied disappointing me.

"It's feel weird you know? All of a sudden. Your friend's family wanted to see me. Can I ask why?"

"Ahh. Zhan you talk too much. They want to see you because, they didn't see you from a long time. And, trust me you are going to love them. They are much way lovely family." Dad said smiling and pattering my shoulder.

I rolled my eyes hearing him.

"Here, here. Stop the car and park aside." Dad instructed.

I did as dad said. After parking the car me and dad went out from the car and stood infront of a big and beautiful mansion.

"How many people lives here? " I asked in wonder.

"Now 7 and one or two is coming." Dad replied which made me shock.

"Seven?!! And two is coming, what that means?" I asked.

"I mean, their son-in-law is pregnant." Dad replied.

"Oh woow." I exclaimed with a smile.

"Now, let's go." Dad said and started walking.

I nod and started following dad. I felt kinda nervous I don't know why, maybe because, nobody didn't want to see me like this way. I'm wearing white round neck T-Shirt and white blesser as well as white pant.

I'm white today

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I'm white today. Well, I love wearing white.

"What's wrong with you?" Dad asked seeing standing nervously.

"Nothing dad. Press the door bell nah." I said standing elegantly.

Dad nod and pressed the door bell. A lady opened the door within a second like, she was standing beside the door.

"Finally you came. Where is he?." The lady asked with a smile.

" Here." Dad replied pointing at me.

"Oh My God! Come in son. Please, you are so beautiful." The lady said with a bright smile.

"Thank you." I replied shyly.

We entered the house, when the dad introduce me to all.

" He is Xiao Zhan." Dad said with a proud smile, which I can clearly see on his face.

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