Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: Brother's Forever pt.1

"Where do you three think you're going?" Minato asked, approaching the three teens that were about to make their way out of the village.

"We're continuing our mission, there're other squads out there." Shikamaru explained keeping his composure. "I formed a new team and we're going to join them."

Minato sighed, "I'm not one to tolerate selfishness, Shikamaru," he began and looked at the Nara sternly, "if you're worried about the Akatsuki returning, I can assure you that a team will be sent to deal with them."

Shikamaru's expression did not change and silence reigned over them. "I'll put you on that team, but I won't let you go until a plan's been formulated." Minato explained.

"Just give us backup, I've already got a plan for the three of us." Shikamaru said tilting his head to the side.

"Enough!" Minato pinched the bridge of his nose. "Now that Asuma is gone, there's only three of you. You're the last person I'd expect to put revenge before common sense. You'll get yourself killed!!"

Shikamaru took out the cigarette in his mouth and blew out a puff of smoke. He put the cigarette in his mouth and looked back at Minato. "I let it go like this, I'd live the rest of my life regretting it." He said.

Ino and Choji frowned.

"And I can't think of a more troublesome way to live." Shikamaru finished.

"I know that feeling all too well." A voice said from behind Team 10. Everyone looked behind and saw Naruto leaning against the gate, arms crossed. Kakashi landed next to him and gave everyone an eye smile.

"Yo!" He said.

"Please let us accompany them, Yondaime." Naruto said. "I have a grudge against the Akatsuki."

"Mind explaining why?" Minato asked.

"None of your business, Minato. I've already asked nicely, even if you say no I'd still go." Naruto shrugged, he turned and looked at Team 10. "I only have one condition."

"What?" Shikamaru asked.

"I kill the Akatsuki members." Naruto answered.

Shikamaru furrowed his eyebrows and sighed, "fine..." Shikamaru trailed.

"Good. Well, we'll be off now, Yondaime." Naruto said and already started to walk away without letting Minato say anymore words with Team 10 following him.

"Kakashi, keep an eye on that Naruto boy." Minato said.

The gravity defying haired man nodded as a response and walked off, following the team to their designated area.


"The extraction is complete." Pain said, watching the Jinchuriki of the two-tails fall to the ground, motionless. "There are three left."

"Finally!" Hidan grinned.

"Hidan, we're going to Konoha." Kakuzu spoke up.

"Kakuzu, if you're going to Konohagakure, if you should run into Naruto..." Konan paused, unable to bring herself to speak the next few words.

"Capture him and bring him here." Pain finished for Konan.

Hidan said nothing. "Alright." Kakuzu said before disappearing with Hidan.

The two arrived outside their hideout and Hidan breathed in the fresh air of the forest. "Alright, do we head that way to the bounty station?" Hidan asked, a hint of hopefulness in his voice.

Kakuzu frowned under his mask. "No..." he trailed and faced Hidan. "We are going after Naru."

Hidan stayed quiet and looked down. "Ok..." he muttered and began to walk, not making eye contact with Kakuzu.

An eagle soared high in the sky and looked down, watching Hidan and Kakuzu leave.

Ino jolted awake, seeing her friends looking at her for answers. "So?" Shikamaru asked.

"I found them," Ino began, "they're taking a different route. They're coming in from North-East, so in ten minutes we'll collide with them."


As Ino had said, Kakuzu and Hidan soon appeared near their area. Shikamaru and the others waited patiently, all except Naruto. Naruto jumped down the tree he sat on and landed in front of the two Akatsuki members.

The two Akatsuki members stopped walking and looked at the blonde that stood before them. "Naru..." Kakuzu said.

Hidan looked at the blonde and memories flooded his mind. From the cheerful little boy that would light up anyone's day with just his smile to the teen who's eyes only contained hurt and suffering.

"Li'l Naru..." he whispered.

"Kakuzu... big brother Hidan..." Naruto said and gritted his teeth.

Forget it... they betrayed me... Naruto thought. They don't deserve mercy. Memories flooded his brain. Kit... Kurama trailed. I can't do it... not Hidan... Naruto thought.

Even though they betrayed you, they are still your one and only real family. Hidan, will not replace anyone else. He is your brother, even if you are not related by blood. Kurama stated.

Hidan... was the closest thing I had to an actual real brother. He was someone I really looked up to. Everyone else was the same... but Hidan... Naruto took a deep breath and looked up, facing Hidan.

Shadows crawled up to them, kunai's with paper bombs attached to them flew towards them. Hidan and Kakuzu dodged them with ease. Shikamaru started and caught them in his Shadow Jutsu.

"Shikamaru... please let me handle Hidan." Naruto said.

The Nara nodded, "either one will do. But... please kill him or at least take him to that place for my sensei's sake." Shikamaru said.

"I will, you can count on me." Naruto grinned.

Shikamaru nodded and faced Kakuzu. He threw kunai's with tags attached to them. Kakuzu dodged them with ease but was then attacked by Choji and Kakashi.

Kakuzu was blown into the forest, separating him from Hidan and Naruto. Curse these Konohagakure Shinobi. He thought and growled looking at Shikamaru, letting out killer intent.


The blonde stood in place, staring at Hidan who had done the same. The two of them had not moved from their spot for over a minute now, with silence reigning over them. "Li'l Naru." Hidan spoke up breaking the silence.

"Big brother Hidan." Naruto said with cold blue eyes, but even Hidan could see a hint of warmth in them.

Hidan took a step and held his scythe next to him, "I..." he paused gripping his weapon tightly, "I don't wish to fight you..."

"As do I." Naruto admitted and frowned. "But, it's your job, isn't it?" He asked.

"I only wish it could've been under different circumstances, li'l Naru." Hidan said and heaved a sigh, he ran his fingers through his silver locks and chuckled. "Even though we're not related by blood, you ae my brother."

Naruto's heart broke. It hurts, Kurama. He said.

"If only things were different... if only..." Hidan's voice cracked, "you were the one person that I had ever considered family, li'l Naru..."

Naruto swallowed the lump in his throat and got into a stance, "I know big brother Hidan," he said, "I too consider you as my brother. You are and forever will be my big brother, even if we are not related by blood."

Hidan chuckled and raised his scythe, "you don't have to be blood-related to be family, li'l Naru. Remember that." He said. Naruto's hair shadowed his eyes an without a moment of hesitation he lunged towards Hidan.

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