Chapter 5- apollo

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"Ember!", Ginny yelled in Emberlynn's face.

Emberlynn jumped up startled, "Christ Ginny! What?!"

"Well wake up, duh. The boy's Quidditch match is going to start soon, everyone's already went down to the field", Ginny said while putting her arms through her warm- colored jacket.

Ember plopped back down on her bed, "Well I don't think I'm gonna go"

Ginny shot a glare towards Ember, "Oh yes you are!"

"Oh no I'm not! There is no rea-"

"Apollo is playing", Ginny said with a smile.

A slight smirk started to spread across Ember's face, "I don't know who that is", she lied.

Ginny laughed then went to Ember's nightstand, picking up a picture and putting it in Ember's face. "Oh really?"

Ember smiled, taking the picture. There in the picture lay her and a Ravenclaw boy, Apollo, standing together smiling. It was last year, at the Yule Ball.

Right after Professor McGonagall announced that the Yule Ball was going to be be held at Hogwarts, Apollo asked Emberlynn to be his date. She wasn't expecting him to since she barely knew him. They've talked a couple times throughout all their time at Hogwarts but not enough for her to know him at all.

Apollo had gorgeous black shiny hair with dark brown eyes. Ember did find him quite handsome, especially at the Yule Ball in his dress robes.

At the Yule Ball Emberlynn had the best time with Apollo, they danced and laughed the entire night. He never seemed to take his eyes off her, and she didn't mind. Emberlynn really thought that he was going to start wanting to hang out with her after the ball, but that wasn't the case.

After the dance Apollo didn't speak to her once.

Emberlynn handed Ginny back the picture, "Honestly Ginny, I have no desire to see him"

"Ember, when he took you to the didn't come back until the next morning. You walked in the common room saying that you had the best night of your life. But then-"

"But then he never spoke to me ever again", Ember said putting her face into the palms of her hands.

"Maybe it was just a misunderstanding", Ginny said sitting down on the edge of the bed.

"He definitely isn't speaking to me for a reason", Ember said sort of mumbling.

"And that is becauseee?"

Ember gave Ginny a look.

Ginny gasped, "You guys had se-"

Ember put her hand over Ginny's mouth, "Shhhh! But no we didn't, that's why I think he hasn't talked to me"

"What a dick!", Ginny yelled.

Ember laughed, "Ginny, it's fine! I'm totally over it", she exclaimed while uncovering herself and walking towards the bathroom.

Ginny sighed, "If you say so. Are you getting ready?"

Ember looked behind her at Ginny, "Got to show him what he's missing right?"

Ginny clapped her hands together, "This is gonna be interesting"


Ginny ended up helping Ember get ready to go to the Quidditch match. Ember's hair was lightly curled, she had on light natural-looking makeup, and wore a cute loose Gryffindor sweater.

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