December 13- It's the most wonderful time of the year

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"Hi, Lou." Harry greeted with blushed cheeks as he entered the dressing room on Sunday morning.

"Hi, Hazza." Louis said with a bright smile.

They stared at each other until someone cleaned their voice. Harry looked over at the others.
"Oh, hi guys."

"He finally notices us!" Liam chuckled and Harry turned crimson red.

They got changed and headed to Santa's Wonderland. Liam and Zayn had really mastered their walking skills by now and the children shouted and pointed excitedly at Rudolph as they entered. As soon as Harry had taken his seat Louis brought the first child to see him.
"Hi Santa, do you remember Molly?"

"Of course! Hi Molly." Harry answered and the girl was absolutely glowing. 

At lunchtime, Harry pulled Louis to the side.
"Ehm, I just wanted to make sure that you still want to ehm, go out after work?"

"Yeah, you?" Louis asked with a smile.

"Absolutely!" Harry grinned, looking relieved.

"I thought we could go ice skating and then grab something to eat. What do you say?" Louis asked.

"Sounds awesome!" Harry smiled.

They both counted the hours until they got off work. Considering it was a Sunday they only worked until 4 o'clock and as soon as they were done they both rushed to the dressing room to get changed.

Louis took him to the Hyde Park Winter wonderland Ice rink and they rented skates. They spent an hour skating hand in hand until their noses were red and their toes were freezing.

It was a perfect date. Harry wasn't that great on skates therefore the hand holding but it wasn't like they complained. They were both smiling and laughing the whole time. Louis pulled them towards the entrance. He stopped by the side and turned to face Harry and took both his hands in his.
"This was fun."

"Yeah, thanks for taking me." Harry answered. His eyes flickered down to Louis's lips and he leaned down. Louis met him halfway and they shared a soft kiss.

"Hot chocolate before dinner?" Louis suggested when they broke free and Harry nodded his head.

They returned their skates and Louis bought them some hot chocolate which they drank on their way to a restaurant. The warm liquid did them good. Louis looked over at Harry and started to giggle.
"You have a chocolate mustache."

Harry wiped his upper lip with an embarrassed smile.
"You're so cute." Louis cooed.

Harry broke out in a happy smile.
"So are you."

They reached the restaurant and got rid of their cups before they stepped inside. They managed to get a table by the window and sat down opposite each other. Harry opened the menu.
"Have you eaten here before?"

"Nope. Niall suggested it." Louis answered.

"Of course he did." Harry chuckled.

The waiter came to take their orders and they started to talk while they waited for the food to arrive.
"This is the first Christmas I'm spending without my family." Harry sighed.

"Yeah, same, and birthday too for that matter." Louis answered.

"When is your birthday?" Harry asked.

"On the 24th." Louis informed him.

"The day before Christmas? That sucks!" Harry said.

"Me mum always made sure to make it special. Christmas has always been a long celebration. I loved it as a kid. I got presents two days in a row." Louis smiled.

"I get that." Harry answered with a smile.

They continued to talk as their food arrived in an effort to get to know each other better. The conversation was flooding easily and there was a flirty tone between them. They both had a great time.

They shared a dessert before it was time to get home considering they had to get up for work the next day. Neither of them wanted the night to end. When they were getting closer to Louis's subway stop he turned to Harry.
"So do you wanna hang out at my place for a while?" He asked nervously.

"I would love to but I should get home. Work tomorrow." Harry answered.

"Yeah, you're right." Louis sighed and smiled.

The train started to slow down.
"I had such a great time Haz. Maybe we could hang out again soon?" Louis said shyly and got up.

"Absolutely! I had a great time too!" Harry smiled.

"See you tomorrow." Louis answered and got off the train.

Harry stared at his back as he disappeared and then he got up and rushed out of the train just as the doors were about to close.
"Lou! Wait up!"

Louis turned around with a smile. Harry got shy and insecure.
"Ehm, I thought I could accompany you home for a while anyway. I don't want this night to end just yet. If it's okay?"

"Yeah! I'm glad you changed your mind. Come on. I live five minutes from the station." Louis smiled happily and reached out a hand for Harry to take.

As they were getting close to Louis's apartment Harry stopped in his tracks. Louis gave him a surprised look. Harry blushed.
"Lou, I hope that you don't think that I'm going home with you to have sex. I mean...ehm..."

"You're not? Too bad." Louis chuckled and winked.

"Oh, should I just go home instead?" Harry asked.

"What? I was joking Hazza! I wasn't planning on having sex either. I mean, maybe one day but it's too soon. Right?" Louis said and blushed as well.

"I'm glad we're on the same page." Harry smiled relieved.

"Yeah. Wanna indulge in an innocent make-out session instead? I really like kissing you." Louis confessed while they started to walk again.

"Innocent?" Harry giggled before he added "Yes, I like kissing you as well."

They walked into Louis's apartment complex. He lived on the second floor so they took the stairs. He took out his keys and unlocked the door but stopped with his hand on the door handle.
"You have to excuse the mess."

They stepped inside a small hallway and Harry took off his coat and put it on a hanger. They took off their wet shoes as well.

Louis lived in a one-room apartment with a small kitchen. He took Harry's hand and brought him inside the room and let go so he could turn on the light. He had fairy lights placed all over the room and they made it look cozy.

A single bed was in a corner, with fairy lights above it. He had a small couch and a tv and a bookshelf with a small collection of books and movies. A guitar was standing in a corner. The place was a little messy. The bed was unmade and there was a pile of clothes on the sofa. Louis removed it and went to put it in the laundry basket. He came back and pulled the cover over the bed.
"Relax Lou. You don't have to clean on my behalf. I like your place. It's really cozy." Harry smiled.

"Thanks!" Louis smiled back.

They sat down next to each other on the couch. They gazed at each other and started to lean in at the same time. Louis cupped Harry's cheeks and they started to kiss slowly. He pushed Harry down on his back and they made out, but they didn't pass first base.

An hour later Harry broke loose.
"It's getting really late. I should get home." He sighed.

"Or you can just stay here, if you don't mind sharing a single bed. I have an extra toothbrush and we could cuddle." Louis suggested.

"Yeah? Okay." Harry agreed.

They brushed their teeth and got ready for bed. Harry removed his pants and Louis borrowed him a t-shirt to sleep in and put one on as well. They climbed into bed together.
"Big spoon or little spoon?" Louis asked.

"Little spoon." Harry answered.

"Perfect!" Louis beamed.

Harry turned his back to Louis who wrapped his arm around him. They talked for a while before they finally fell asleep.

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