Chapter 6- room of requirement

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"Is this bitch serious right now...?", Ember said under her breath.

She watched the two stand their gawking over each other, when she seen someone out of the corner of her eye jumping up and down repeatedly.

Ember glanced over to see Ginny trying very hard to get her attention.

Ginny then pointed towards the two leaned up on the wall together and put her hands up in confusion.

Ember then threw her hands up in the air as if she didn't know what to do. Ginny then slid her wand across her throat and pointed at Willow.

Ember laughed and nodded her head, understanding that Ginny wanted her to go beat the living shit out of Willow.

As Ember was about to go walking towards the pair leaned up against the wall, she seen they weren't there anymore.

Ember looked around waiting to catch the tall red headed boy somewhere in the room, but the only one she saw was George making out with Angelina in the corner.

Ember turned away disgusted and walked over to where Ginny was now flirting with Harry on the armchair.

Ember put her hand on Ginny's shoulder, "Hey"

Ginny turned around startled, "Bloody h- Oh Ember! Hey! I thought you were gonna go ya know...", she said while sliding her wand across her throat again.

"You we're gonna try and kill somebody!?", Harry asked very concerned.

Both the girls laughed, "You'll be the only one dead if you don't keep this conversation to yourself", Ember said giving a smile.

Harry raised his eyebrows in shock and pretended to zip his mouth shut.

"Did you see where they went?", Ember asked Ginny still looking around to hopefully find him somewhere.

Ginny looked over to the wall where they once were, "Uhm no, last I seen em was right over there just a couple minutes ago"

"Yeah me too..", Ember said starting to panic now.

"Who are you looking for?", Harry questioned.

"Fred and Willow, did you see them go anywhere in the last like 2-3 minutes??"

"Erm nope", said Harry.

Ember sat down on the floor and put her head in between her knees. 'I'm too buzzed to do any searching right now'

"But knowing Fred, if he was taking a girl somewhere it'd most likely be up to his dorm or to the Room of Requirement", Harry said trying to help.

Ember looked up with hope in her eyes, "Where should I check first?"

"Definitely his dorm!"

Ember shot up and starting running towards the stairs to his dorm, "Thanks Harry!", she said while running up the steps.

She knew exactly where his room was, she's never been up there but every year Fred always gives her specific details on where to find his dorm in case she ever needs to.

She stopped running, she was standing right in front of his door.

'What if he's in there, with HER. What if I walk in on them doing...something? Actually I don't care! I've always wanted to beat her ass'

Ember put her ear to the door, but didn't hear a thing.

She slowly turned the doorknob and pushed the door open. She stepped a foot inside and seen not a single soul. She looked around to make sure they weren't hiding in the corner somewhere, but there was no one.

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