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-Third POV-

•rewind time•

Inumaki was toddler when he saw something happen that changed his life.
His way to view things would be different from what they were.
It wasn't necessarily the biggest thing to happen. Or the smallest. It just did.

He was walking down the long street trying to buy his grandmother some things. His grandmother and grandfather were at the park waiting for him to come by.

He was stepping on leaves to hear them crunch, it was almost like music to him.
The sky lit with beautiful bright and dull colours blending into one.
Stepping on everything he could, he got what they asked for.
Trying to carry the heavy bag with both his hands, he went inside the park to find his grandparents sitting next to each other.

The sunset falling on them, he looked at them. They looked like they didn't have a care in the world. Time seemed to slow around them.
His eyes could only sparkle around them.

Is this what love is?

They were nothing like his parents. His parents were never in love like that.
Although it was an arranged marriage, they did care for each other. But it was never love.
They worried for each other like friends and Inumaki assumed that marriages looked like that.

On the other hand, his grandparents were in love. The leaves falling down periodically as they were laughing like they were in highschool.
They looked so content.

So why was this marriage different?

They finished laughing and smiled softly at each other. Inumaki couldn't understand the first thing about love. But he felt like that was what he wanted.

They noticed him standing there with the heavy bag thinking and just being dazed.

Motioning him to stay there, they got up and helped him.

Inumaki couldn't speak and his grandparents were almost deaf because of their old age. So they communicated in sign language.

"Stay there. We're coming."

His grandfather picked him up and started to venture home. Walking through the streets lit by bright vendors and hardworking people.
Reaching home, his grandma went to cook while he was surrounded with comfortable silence around his grandpa.

He taps his shoulder and says
"Will I fall in love with someone like grandma?"

His grandpa wasn't expecting him to ask things like that. He was surprised. For the most part, Inumaki was a quite and lovely child. Not bothered by things or feelings.

"You can fall in love with anyone. But promise me you will fall in love only when you can protect her. It's hard to find true love and when you do, tradgedy strikes. You should be strong enough to protect her, if you deserve her she'll come to you. Just like your grandma to me."

Inumaki felt as though it was an awakening. Falling in love. Or anything of feeling for someone. He swore to only experience these after he was strong.
After that day, he never felt strong enough to protect anyone.
So he never fell in love. Or even a small crush.

He would immediately dismiss anything close to finding things attractive. But he couldn't dismiss it this time. Was he strong? Yes.
Was he strong enough for him to fall in love in his mind? No.

So he naturally felt that he wasn't ready. But something about her, he couldn't brush off.

Then there he was, standing in front of two people fighting each other.
She was trying to not loose her cool while the other as provoking her to an extent to see emotions on her face.

"Gojou-sensei, I already told ya that I don't want to go to eat sweets! We need spicy stuff." She pinched the bridge of her nose.

But the blindfold wasn't having it at all.
"We can eat sweets. It's good for you."
He said grinning like an idiot.

Then she had enough. She walked to Inumaki and took his hand. He was taken aback at the least. He was stiff, then she dragged him out of the room.

"Sorry. but we're having lunch at the diner's, Inumaki."

"Tuna." He agreed but his mind was telling him only one thing.

'it's a date.'
'A DaTe.'
'I'm not strong enough to deserve it tho.'

extra cut:

his soft mind: Date

*on the phone with Panda*

"Okaka salmon pickle."



"Eh? Inumaki? Going on a date with Y/n? Looks like my plan worked."
This isn't what he wanted. Sensei knows. He could see that bastard smirk like he owns it. And he did.

-to be continued.

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