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-Third POV-

was all he could think. How did it turn out this way? I only wanted some time alone with Y/n.
What the hell is going on?

After Y/n telling Inumaki that they were going to lunch to eat something spicy, he took some time to get ready because of Panda and Gojou sensei making a fuss about what he should wear.
They came to a conclusion that he should put on something casual.
Giving him a blue hoodie was all they could come up with.

They were running out of time. She asked him to come at the front gate at 2 pm. It was 1:00 pm, and he still hadn't decided what he wanted to wear.

Why was he preparing an hour earlier? Because in the wise words of Gojou
"You should make yourself presentable for women. Trust me, I know."

So, since no one knows anything about women, they decided to call Maki.

She made her way to his room. Stomping all the way. She busted through the door and at this moment. Gojou, Inumaki and Panda knew they fucked up.

While all this was happening, Y/n was sleeping with her dog.
Yes, she was napping because in the words of her brother. Mahito.
"A good nap gets rid of dark circles so you'll look nice."

Let's be honest. None of these men know about dating, but they have no one to turn to. So, they took the advice.

-1:30 pm-
Y/n finally got up and started getting ready. She took a shower, the drooling was too much to use a make-up wipe. Putting on some jeans and shirt to finally top it off with an oversized flannel jacket.
She checked herself out in the mirror.
She sighed, knowing she'll never like the way she looked. But what made her mood better was having a beanie which her brother got her recently. Even though he is a curse now. He loves his sister. He tries to visit her as much as he can. The last time, he could her a beanie.
She loved beanies, so she put it on.

-1:45 pm-
She went out of the room to stand in front of the gate. She knew she was early but being late is rather bad. So, she didn't mind it.
She got to the front gate and sat upon the wall. Patiently waiting for him to come.

-1:46 pm-
While she was sitting peacefully scrolling through instagram.
Inumaki's room was chaos. Gojou and Maki arguing about the perfume he should wear.
"He should wear Sex panther. It has a good ring to it, Maki."
"Huh? Are you in the prime times? He should wear the one from Missoni, it's better than that tiger thing."
While Panda grooming his nails because
"Grooming is necessary for impressions."
While all Inumaki could do was stare at them. Disgusted as to why he asked them in the first place. Wait. But he didn't. They barged into his room when he was changing and started to do things with him.
-1:50 pm-
Megumi makes his way to the vending machines to find something to eat. But, nothing catches his eye. The next thing he can do is eat out.
While walking out of school, he notices H/coloured head on top of the way.
He had a mini heart attack. But nonetheless, he went up to her.
"Y/n-senpai?" He said looking up and going close to her.

"Ah. Megumi. Wanna go to have lunch? Inumaki will join us too." She said. In the few days coming after the breakdown. Y/n only grew close to Megumi and Nobara. She saw them as her sweet kohais* that she should protect.
While his feelings could only grow.

He knew damn well it was a date. He also knew he never had a chance. But, he didn't want to let this chance get away.
'I'm sorry Inumaki-senpai, but I have to do this.'
"Uh. I was going out to have lunch too." He said averting his eyes.

"We're golden. I'll text him to come faster." She said with a small smile.
She did try her best to smile because she was so used to not smiling.

Megumi's heart could only tighten to know that he'd never get her to smile like that for the rest of his life.


Inumaki-san, Megumi is joining us too. I hope you don't mind.

No, I don't. Gojou-sensei, Maki and Panda will come too.

We're ready then.
Meet ya soon.


After that, all of them made their way to the diner. Nobara joined too because Y/n couldn't leave her if everyone were going out.


was all he could think. How did it turn out this way? I only wanted some time alone with Y/n.
What the hell is going on?

They were at McDonald's. Y/n booked a large table, that everyone could fit in. Megumi and Gojou were sitting in front of each other in the outer corner.
Maki, Panda and Nobara were occupying the middle sections and Inumaki and Y/n were pushed to the corner.

They were getting dirty glares from the people around because they were just so goddamn loud and chaotic.
Nobara and Gojou were fighting if they should get the children's McDonald's Happy meal.
Maki and Panda were smiling like perverts. Megumi was sighing and looking at his phone periodically.
Y/n and Inumaki were just looking at everyone shocked.

"I'm sorry, Inumaki. I'll make it up to ya later. We can go to get ice cream alone." She said rubbing the back of her neck.

'This is enough to overwhelm me but then ICE CREAM?'
'I shouldn't have accepted this.'

"Tuna." He said curling his lips upwards.
She could tell he was smiling by the wrinkles near his eyes.
"Ah. I'm glad." She giggled.

Everyone at the table almost dropped what they were doing.
'Did she just giggle?' you see, Y/n isn't the best at laughing or smiling. So, this was rare. And it wasn't forced either.
Inumaki could hear his heart next to his ears.

"Hey cutie. Mind sharing your number with us?"

-to be continued.

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