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-Third POV-

"Hey, cutie. Mind sharing your number."
It wasn't loud enough for Gojou or anyone sitting away from Y/n and Inumaki.

Y/n hated strangers. Especially if they were cocky assholes. She'd love to personally kick the shit out of them.
She just refused them dead in the eye.

"C'mon. Have some fun. It doesn't look like you have a date."
He was obviously being a pushy bitch. Inumaki furrowed his brows.
'so troublesome.'
Plus, it wasn't just her lunch they were sticking their noses in. He was bothered too.
(Why? Because.. because.. because.. he just was okay? No more questions.)

She doesn't wanna give him a reaction. Giving a reaction sometimes makes them wanna be more pushy. So she just shut them out by saying no everytime.

Then the guy gives up trying to get her number, but he says something different.
"Oi Y/n. I'm gonna kick your ass if you don't remember me."
He doesn't even try to tell her who he is. She stops for a moment. Trying to think how the guy is.
The only one who was able to be with her despite her being an emotionless prick?

Then it all clicked. A guy who isn't afraid to say what he wants. He likes playing pranks. He loves fighting too. "Jin?" She said while getting up and wide eyed.

"Ah. Finally. I didn't know if I could keep up with you saying no." He rubbed the back of his neck.
At this point, Gojou left for training Itadori but of course, no one knows.
Megumi and Nobara had to go on a mission.
Panda and Maki being the nice friends they are. They left them so that they could enjoy their 'date'.

Y/n went to him and hugged him. She wasn't the one for affection but an old friend gets one.
Inumaki could only narrow his eyes and hmph so lightly that no one could hear.

"Inumaki. This is Jin. He's my cousin. I hope you guys get along."
She said trying to break the tension because they were glaring at each other. Uninterested.

'Ah. It's her cousin. I was worrying bout nothing.'
'Not that I love her or something.'

"Tuna." He said. And nothing else. He knew he was being rude but they didn't. He could only say a handful of words. So it didn't matter to them.

"Jin. He is my classmate, Inumaki. Because of his speech, he can only say a bunch of words."
She introduced.
'Not even a friend?' he thought.

"Ah. Don't mind Y/n. For her classmates and friends are the same thing." Jin said after noticing his eyes.

Jin was with Y/n when she was a kid and when Mahito was a human. They both were the best of friends. She laughed a lot back then. After her brother 'passing away.' She shut herself out.

Jin tried so many things but he could get her to laugh. Then she told him that she was going to Jujutsu tech in Tokyo because she wanted to get rid of the reason her brother died.
He was left alone with his family and friends. He felt like a piece of void was left in his life.

He came to Tokyo to occasionally check up on her but she was never at school. This was one of those times. He sighed and went to eat out. That's when he saw her.
It'd been about 7 years. He couldn't recognise her. But her voice sounded almost the same.

He was about to approach her when he heard her giggle. It was the first time he'd heard her express something after all these years of trying. He looked at the cause and knitted his eyebrows because he couldn't be the reason. A frown painted his face.

He went to her and asked her number. He knew she'd said no. And she did. She repeatedly kept refusing.
He had enough of her saying 'no.'
After that, it felt good to catch up with her. She even displayed him some affection.

"Jin, Inumaki. I'm going to go and change for ice cream. It's getting kinda cold. I'll be back." With that she left the two boys alone and looking at each other.

Jin wanted to be clear as to why he doesn't want Inumaki to break her heart. You see, Jin can read people like books. The only one he can't read is Y/n.
When he saw Inumaki's reaction when she giggled he just knew.

"So, what intentions do you have with my Y/n?"
He said lifting his head and pouting.
(it's the setter's pout.)

Inumaki took out a book which he writes in to communicate when he's outside.

I'm her friend as you mentioned, and also she isn't yours.

Jin was practically laughing in his mind. He couldn't hold it in but he tried. All he wanted was Y/n to be happy. So, he was testing this supposed guy.

"What if Y/n asks you on a date?" He asked trying to confirm his suspicions.

Y̶e̶s̶ ̶ she wouldn't do that.

"Hm. Whatever. I'm going to go back home. Make sure you take care of her. She doesn't eat properly so feed her sometime. She also loves ice-cream. Anyways, cya future brother-in-law." With that Jin left with a blushing Inumaki.

"Inumaki. Ya ready to- wait, do you have a fever?" Y/n just entered to where he was seated. He was a blushing mess. But, to her he was sick.
She put her hand on his forehead to check his temperature.
That only made it worse.

He couldn't have her so close to him. So, he immediately took his notebook out to write.

I'm fine. Let's go.

-to be continued.


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