December 24-Santa baby

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Louis woke up on the morning of his birthday from someone singing happy birthday softly. It took a couple of seconds for his sleepy brain to register that it was Harry's singing voice and it sounded beautiful. He slowly opened his eyes with a smile on display. Harry was holding a breakfast tray. He had made hot chocolate and toast and there was even a cupcake with a lighted candle there.
"Happy birthday Lou." Harry smiled.

"You're literally the sweetest person ever. You didn't have to do this." Louis smiled and sat up in bed.

"Nonsense. It's your birthday!" Harry said and put the tray in Louis's lap before he climbed under the cover as well.

Louis blew out the candle and made a wish, all Harry related, and then they ate breakfast in bed together. Louis shared the cupcake with Harry.
"This is cozy." He beamed.

"It is. I'm gonna make you breakfast in bed more often." Harry smiled.

Louis liked the sound of that. That could mean that Harry thought that they might have a future together. That made him so happy he could burst. He had to blink away some happy tears and kissed Harry on the cheek.
"You're the best! I was a bit depressed before about spending my birthday alone. I'm so glad that I'm here with you."

"I'm glad you're here too. I was lonely here in London and thought about moving back home. I'm so happy I met you and the guys." Harry said.

Louis took his hand and held it and they just sat there for a while in a comfortable silence, sipping on hot chocolate with a happy smile on their faces.

When they were done Harry put the tray on the floor and got Louis's birthday present from underneath the bed. Louis's eyes grew big and he smiled brighter than the sun and made grabby hands. Harry laughed softly and handed him the present. Louis ripped it open to find a hoodie.
"I love it. Thanks, Harry! Best birthday ever!"

Louis straddled him all of a sudden and started to pepper kisses all over his face. Harry giggled.
"We need to get ready for work Lou."

"I wish that we could just stay here the whole day." Louis sighed and laid his head on Harry's chest. He could hear Harry's heart beating fast, which turned his stomach into butterflies.

Harry hugged him close for a moment before he smacked his bum playfully.
"Get up!"

"Hey! Leave my ass alone." Louis protested and sat up and looked at Harry with a smile.

"For now." Harry smirked.

Oh! Louis gulped.
"I don't bottom."

"That's a shame. You're missing out." Harry answered with a cheeky smile.

"Maybe I'll try it someday." Louis winked.

He got off Harry and they got dressed and ate breakfast. Louis borrowed some clothes. He secretly liked that Harry's sweatshirts were so big and cozy.  They took the sub to work and the guys were already there when they arrived.
"Happy birthday!" They shouted at the same time.

"Thanks!" Louis beamed.

"So, you're sharing clothes now?" Zayn smirked.

"I stayed at Harry's, so..." Louis said and blushed.

"You went on one date and then you literally moved in together." Liam said.

Niall could see that Liam's statement made both Harry and Louis upset.
"Hush it, Liam. Nothing wrong with that and they just hang out, they haven't moved in together."

"I'm sorry. That was blunt of me. I didn't mean any harm. It's great that you get along and spend time together." Liam said apologetically, looking unhappy.

"It's our business and our business alone." Louis growled.

"I said I'm sorry, okay?" Liam said.

Niall, Liam, and Zayn had already changed and went out to Santas wonderland. Harry looked at Louis and bit his lower lip. It seemed like he had something on his mind.
"Is it weird that we spend so much time together? You can tell me if you want some space or..."

"What? No, baby. I love spending time with you. Don't listen to that jackass." Louis said.

"Yeah? I love it too." Harry beamed and gave Louis a hug. "Baby?" He then questioned with a giggle.

"Uhm, sorry." Louis chuckled.

"I like it." Harry smiled.

They hurried to get dressed and rushed out to meet the children. They always had so much fun working together with all of them.

Liam and Zayn had come up with a dance for Rudolph that made the children laugh with joy. Louis didn't want to think how sweaty it must make them and how the costume had to smell. He felt sorry for Rudolph's ass, or Zayn in particular.

Harry was a great Santa. He made all the children feel special and seen. He adored him for it. Harry would be a great parent one day and the thought of that made him all jittery inside. They hadn't established what kind of relationship they had with each other. Did they have a relationship? He only knew that he was in love and he needed to build up the courage to tell him, soon, but not yet. It was still early and maybe Harry wasn't there yet? He really, really hoped that he was getting there, otherwise he would get absolutely heartbroken. 

At lunchtime, the guys surprised him with cake and presents and Louis loved them for it.
"I'm so glad I took this job because it gave me friends for life!" He said emotionally and they all agreed.

He locked eyes with Harry and they stared at each other intensely until Niall complained about the lack of cake on his plate. Louis started to cut the cake. Friends and hopefully a boyfriend as well. A guy could hope.

They went shopping for Christmas food after work and had a birthday dinner for Louis at Niall's place so Harry could prepare the turkey as well. Afterward, Harry went home with Louis and they went all the way for the first time with Louis on top. It was sweet and soft and wonderful.

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