Chapter 7- the letter

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It's been 4 days since the party in the common room and the whole incident with Fred and Willow.

Ember hasn't left her room since that night. She has barely moved. She stays in her bed staring at the wall crying most of the day.

It being the 4th day, Ginny and Hermione told each other they would finally try to make Ember leave her bed. They both knew how much pain she was in but she needed to start moving on.

Hermione and Ginny both walked in Ember's dorm, Ember was the only one there due to it being the middle of the day on a Monday.

Ember's back was facing them, she was laying down curled in a ball.

The two girls looked at each other feeling bad.

Hermione took a step closer, "Hey Ember"

"Hey..", she responded in a groggy, low voice.

Both the girls took that as a sign that they could come closer. They didn't want to overstep.

They walked over to sit by Ember, "How are y-, Oh my god!", Ginny exclaimed, coming fully in view to look at Ember.

Ember's hair was greasy, messy and knotted up in a bun. There were tons of streaks of mascara and scratches across her face. Her under eyes were puffy and swollen from the constant crying she'd been doing. And most of all she smelled so bad.

"When is the last time you showered Ember?", asked Hermione pinching her nose.

"The day of the Quidditch match when Ginny made me", Ember answered, not caring very much.

The girls both looked at each other and bent down towards the miserable girl in bed. "You need to get up"

"Not yet, I'm not ready"

Ginny rolled her eyes, "Yes you are!"

Ember leaned back not expecting Ginny to be yelling at her right now.

"I- No we understand that you're hurting tremendously right now. But it's been 4 days. You need to get out of this room. You need some fresh air Ember. And a shower", Ginny said gently rubbing Ember's forearm.

Ember sat up, "I know...I just really don't want to see either of them right now"

"And we will make sure you won't!", said Hermione.

Ember lightly nodded her head and began to get out of bed. She was super weak since she has barely eaten anything, so the girls had to help her walk towards the shower.

Ember stripped down and walked into the steamy hot falling water.

Ginny and Hermione both waited on the outside of the door. "I'll go down to the Hall and get her a muffin or something to eat", said Hermione.


"It feels nice doesn't it? The air?", Ginny asked giving her a light smile.

The two girls led Ember down a stone path around Hogwarts to get her out of her dorm for some fresh air.

"Yeah it does", she said while taking a huge bite out of the muffin Hermione had brought her.

"You must be starving Emberlynn", Ginny said worryingly.

"Oh I'm fine, Ron would slide a small plate of food under the door every night", said Ember laughing.

"Of course he did..", Hermione said giggling.

The three girls walked the path a few times before sitting on a bench.

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