Chapter twelve

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(Aaaaand we back to the normal format)

It didn't take long for Namjoon to come back down stairs and rejoin the group, a smug grin plastered on his face. Taehyung glares daggers at him from across the room, mad that Stephanie is still chaining him to a night of misery.
(Y/n) who has Chelsea's heated make out session fresh in her mind, can't help but stutter as she cautiously asks Namjoon, "S-so are you a-and Ch-Chelsea a thing now?"

He looks at (Y/n) like she's insane, but after seeing her face which is as red as a beet, he lets out a chuckle, raises an eyebrow and teases, "we're a what now?" In shock (Y/n) is left spluttering somehow getting redder, somehow she manages to squeak out, "sorry... you know what I mean..."

Namjoon bursts out in another hearty laugh, roughly pats (Y/n) on the head and finally stops teasing her. "No we're not a thing. She was just a little too drunk, so I put her to bed nothing else," he lies effortlessly to (Y/n) gently guiding her to get a snack and another drink, while the rest of Bts rowdily follow hiding their smirks and giggles.

After seeing Namjoon ditch his job as a distraction it doesn't take long for Taehyung to follow in his footsteps. Dragging an already drunk Stephanie to down even more booze, it's no surprise that after a couple more shots she's blackout drunk. In a less than delicate way Taehyung flings her over his shoulder and drops her off on a currently unoccupied couch. Immediately he leaves, happily jogging over to his friends.

The night continues on, Bts' mood now a whole lot brighter they begin to let loose. (Y/n) slightly dazed, happily watches the group of boys as Jin finishes a full bottle of Gin, as he begins to loudly claim that he can out drink every single one of them. They all boo him, and Jungkook hearing this immediately takes Jin up on the challenge, telling the old man to "bring it" Bts cheer Jungkook on, showing their disapproval of Jins declaration.

Human alcohol not affecting this group of demons at all, they get Jin to fill up a couple of the empty bottles with their own special concoction, to you know add a little s p i c e. Looking at the purple swirling mixture in interest, (Y/n) wonders what liquor from another world tastes like.

Obviously they didn't let (Y/n) touch the stuff, she wouldn't survive a single sip. Even the human alcohol they gave her was fiercely diluted with mixers, and they always made sure that (Y/n) had something to snack on so she can effectively pace herself along with the rest of the group.

With their special juice never leaving their hands Bts lets the chaos commence, the drinking contest quickly spiralling into a free for all, involving all the members drinking as much as possible.

(Y/n) watches them have fun, not joining in in fear that she'll ruin the mood, but overall content with her position as an observer. At least she's in the group, they even go out of their way to talk to her, so she's already extremely thankful. Cheeks rosy and eyes slightly glazed over, she slowly sips the drink in her hand, every now and then snacking on the pretzels that were given to her, looking forward to seeing what kind of drunk each member is.

Jin is a complete mad man, it's like his never ending pit of a stomach is lined with iron, he easily knocks back whatever that weird shifting purple liquid is, over and over again. (Y/n) can clearly see that he wasn't joking about being able to out drink his peers.
His distinct windshield wiper laugh, and his amusing blunt retorts to the others playful jabs, cause the group to break down in laughter more than once. He's louder than usual, but his hyper energy, pure enjoyment of the drinks and company is infectious, often reminding (Y/n) of the Greek party god Dionysus.

Yoongi is a much calmer drunk, he already knew his limits and stopped drinking when he reached a light buzz. Half of the time he joined in on the laughter and jokes, the other half he rolled his eyes and threw around some sassy commentary.
Whenever his friends did something embarrassing he would pull out his phone to record a video or snap a couple pictures. (Y/n) did manage to ask why a demon would need a phone, and Yoongi simply smiled at her softly replying, "it's a good source of information, and it's nice to have something to blackmail the six of them with." His smile at the end there seemed to blacken mischievously.

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