Chapter 8- waiting for fred

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Ember could no longer be mad at Fred. He wrote her this long heartfelt letter—expressing his feelings towards her.

She ran, swinging open the door and running down the steps to find him.

The tears on her face began to dry up from the gusts of wind that swooshed past her as she ran down the stone steps.

She jumped off the last 3 steps into the common room which was filled with studying students.

The loud thump of her feet hitting the ground made everyone turn and look at her.

In all the faces staring, she caught Hermione and Ginny in the mix giving her a smirk.

"Fred? Has anyone seen Fred?", Ember questioned catching her breath, looking around the room.

Most people shook their heads in response. A couple people replied with 'no's'.

Ember pursed her lips and began walking towards the exit out of Gryffindor Tower.

She pushed open the door, "Good luck!", Neville shouted.

Neville's little shout caused everyone in the common room to give a little shout saying "good luck!"

Ember smiled and crawled through the door and shut it behind her feeling more confident than ever.

Ember noticed the sky through the windows and how the sun was beginning to set. She cracked a smile and kept moving.

Once she made it into the hallway she looked around trying to find anyone who might know where Fred could be.

Some students were still walking out the Great Hall from eating dinner so she thought maybe he was still there.

She began moving her feet towards the very large doors that led to the Great Hall when a blonde girl emerged from them.

"You", Willow said flaring her nostrils and speed walking towards Emberlynn.

Ember was not in the mood, "Don't start, I'm looking for Fred"

Willow's expression changed, "I've been looking for him myself actually. He refuses to talk to me since that night"

"I wonder why", Ember said walking past her.

"Fred!!", said Willow from behind her.

Ember shot around, but only to see George jogging from the opposite way Ember was headed.

Ember started walking towards him, "That's George, you idiot..."

"George, where's-"

"He's gone", George said trying to breathe.

"What d-do you mean he's gone?"

"He left. I couldn't stop him. I tried Ember"

"What do you mean? I'm not getting this, why did he leave?", Ember said shakily.

George gave Ember an unhappy look, "Unfortunately because you Blackwood"

Ember's stomach dropped, "What—why? I read his letter", she said holding up the slightly wrinkled letter in her hands.

George lowered Ember's hand and looked her in the eyes, "He doesn't know that. He refused to believe that you were going to forgive him"

"Why would he-"

"Because he said that you told him that night that you never would"

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