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I'm not doing any talking. Straight into the chapter.




Tylil made his way back to the city going past the speed limit with no worries

the only thing on his mind right now was his little sister. even though he had just argued with Kodie that's the last thing he cared about right now


he drove in pure silence nothing heard but the engine and any another noise coming from outside

he was willing to give up at this very moment. everything was happening so fast and he sat through it with only laughs and a blunt

if anybody had healed worse out of the group it was him. showing no emotion was his special talent, he could laugh through the pain

it hurts him more than anyone

after every laugh, there was a cry.

his best friend knew but never decided to bring it up. all he'd do was probably deny it and act like he's fine

it was hard for him.

Dimoni insisted he'd go handle it by himself and they'll meet him there knowing it would be way easier

meanwhile, at the cabin, they packed their stuff up getting ready to head out

" I had a great time Kodie thank you for everything!" Dimoni smiled giving her a side hug

"of course, could you tell him to call me when he gets a chance,"

she nodded leaving behind Siah

"bitch" Dimoni's inner voice mumbled before turning away

she heard them arguing but chose to keep her mouth close being it was none of her business

as long as she didn't put her hands on her best friend

Tylil Reed Moore🏙
Brooklyn, New York.

the drive had to be about 3 hours but eventually, I got there pulling up to the house and locking the door

people were outside playing with the bikes and scooters. banging on the door I heard cries which sounded like Zahnay

I continued to bang before pulling it open harshly

walking inside I took my hoodie off seeing her on the floor crying

examining her body I went back locking the house door

she wore a gray hoodie and black shorts that stopped past her thighs looking closer they seemed to be ripped

"what happened?!" I asked sitting down

the fuck is her pops at?

"he's dead Bubba— I was in the room cleaning and he came inside and tried to touch me. I fought back but he was too strong. he pushed me on the bed then started touching my body-

I cut her off wiping her tears kissing her forehead

"please...stop!" she pleaded getting upset

I noticed the blood on her legs and her hands

"I stabbed him... Bubba, I'm scared!" she cried once more this time harder

listening to her words I began getting frustrated. walking up the stairs I went into her room seeing him laid out on the floor

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