Unfamiliar Feelings

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After exiting Ritwik’s cabin, Shekhar and Palak left for their office. As soon as Shekhar & Palak leaves Ritwik’s office, Ritwik ordered his PA to call a meeting of Board of Directors as he is having a important deal to discuss.

Meanwhile, on the way to the office, Shekhar called his PA to inform that he is about to held a meeting with Board of Directors within short notice, so inform BODs that the important meeting is being held.


In conference room, BOD's including Kaushal and Kushan are waiting for Ritwik. Within a minute, Ritwik comes and begins the meeting.

Ritwik is seated on his chair and he started explaining about the proposal to Mehta’s and about it’s benefits, they all started discussing about it from which some are agreed and some are not.

A thorough discussion is going from last 30 mins whether the contract is being given to Mehta’s or not, as it is totally depends on the goodwill, commitments and their service and it directly affects our reputation and commitments.

They are still discussing but haven’t reached at any conclusion. One of the BOD said,“ We haven’t seen their work till now, so how can we merge our contract with them?”

“I know Mehta’s and their work from my relatives function and they had done a great work.” One the BOD said.

“You have only seen one work of them, what about the other projects?” The BOD who objected earlier said.

“I think we should do voting.” Kushan suggested.

“That’s a good idea, we should do that.” Kaushal agreed.

They started voting and majority is in Mehta’s favor.

“So the majority is in Mehta’s favor, so it’s decided that we are going to merge our contract with Mehta’s.” Ritwik declared.

“For how long are we going to work with them?” Kushan asked.

“2 years, is it okay to all?” Ritwik asked.

Everyone is agreed with Ritwik’s decision. The meeting is concluded. Everyone leaves expect Ritwik, Kushan and Kaushal.

They three are discussing about the merger, when Kushan asked Ritwik,“ Why you suddenly proposed Mehta’s for the deal?”

Ritwik answered, “ Actually, today in the afternoon we had a meeting regarding the client which had already finalized Mehta’s for their event management.

I was surprised as no one had finalized before. During the meeting, the supervisor is giving the presentation and discussing about the plot and management.

There I found, if there presentation, explanation and the way of communication can be so good then how could there work be. I had taken this discussion after thinking a lot.”

After listening to Ritwik, both brothers are giving amused look as Ritwik rarely appreciates.

“I am impressed by your decision taking skills but there lies a little risk in this project.” Kaushal said.

“Now we have taken the decision, so let it be. Whatever situation will come, we’ll face it.” Kushan said.

After the completion of discussion, Oberio brothers leaves and Ritwik head towards his cabin. Ritwik thinks to call Mehta’s, then he realized that they are also having the meeting. So, he decided to call him later.


Shekhar is in conference room with BODs having meeting on the topic of the proposal which was given by Oberio’s.

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