I Remember

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We just started laughing and started to make our way out of the water when some jerks  slapped Jules' ass and grabbed my waist.


We were span around, and dragged back into the water. I noticed that the all the boys were vampires, but I had never seen them before. "hi, beautiful" the man grabbing into my waist spoke up.

"umm. Hi" I responded blandly trying not to catch Kol or Klaus' attention. But I wasn't so lucky when I saw Damon and Rebekah talking, milliseconds later both their heads snapped towards us.

"So I'm Brandon and you are" he said tightening his grip on my waist. I looked over to Jules who was being dragged further into that water, then glanced over to Rebekah and motioned over to Jules. She nodded and made her way over to Jules.

"Sophia, pleasure" I said, pretending to struggle. I looked over to Jules and Bex who where having a full blown argument. Without warning, I was vamp sped away into the woods near the lake.


"Well well well, isn't it nice to see the other sister for a change" my head snapped towards the voice, Damon.

"Damon. What do you want" I asked not wanting to make Sophia jealous. His smirk faded and turned into a serious expression.

"How did I know Sophia, because Stefan was trying to tell me to speak to her. I apparently know her and want to know if it is true" he rambled on.

"Ok yes you do know her. I think I can reverse the compulsion but-" I stopped seeing Damon giving puppy dog eyes "never thought I'd see the day Damon Salvatore would be begging me. Fine, Remember"

He closed his eyes for a second, he looked at me not believing what just happened. "hi beautiful" I looked over to the sound and saw someone grabbing on to my little sisters waist.

She looked over to me and I noticed Damon had followed my gaze. She motioned to Jules so that is where I went.

"Please mate if you don't want to be decapitated the I would advise you to take your hands of the girl" I said walking into the water.

"Who are you" he said realising Jules and bitting his lip. Another boy grabbed on to Jules' wrist whilst the first one walked over to me.

I looked over to where Sophia was but she wasn't there, I turned back to the tall, built vampire. "Rebekah, Rebekah Mikaelson" I reached out my hand for him to shake it.

His face dropped as he realised who I was, the out of no where Klaus and Kol where by my side.

"Who is the Bex" Kol said tilting his head. The younger vampires let go of Jules and started to back away.

"Where do you think your going, we just want to have some fun" Klaus said motioning to Jules to come over, she did.

All I could think whilst Klaus and Kol where talking to them was, where did Sophia go?


"Don't give me attitude darling" Brendon said huskily, his eyes going a deep brown. He pulled out something and injected it into me, wolfsbane mixed with vervain.

"KLAUS" was the last thing I said before I collapsed in his arms, barley conscious.

He slammed me up against a tree and moved one of his hands so it was gripped around my neck. "I don't know how you know Klaus but I will make you pay for that" Brandon growled.

Suddenly he was thrown off of me and into a tree, but because of the loss of support I fell but was caught by strong arms.

"Are you alright?" I looked up and saw piecing blue eyes, filled with concern, staring down at me before I went into darkness.

I woke up with a splitting head-ache, in a room I didn't recognise. I went to roll out of the bed but was stopped by- I giggled seeing Rebekah passed out spread across the bed.

I shivered as my feet hit the cold wooden floor and I slowly crept out of the room and immediately noticed where I was.

"Are you alright, you should be resting" I turned seeing Damon standing in front to me, with a glass of bourbon, only looking me in the eye for some reason.

Then I realised what I looked like, my hair was in a messy bun (still wet), a large baggy top, with no makeup on, my legs bare and my purple toenails on show.

"Who's top is this?" I asked wondering if it was one of my brothers, or was it one of the Salvatores

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"Who's top is this?" I asked wondering if it was one of my brothers, or was it one of the Salvatores.

"Mine, but don't worry your sister changed you" he said eyes looking at his feet. I snorted at his remark

"What's so funny" he looked up with his signature smirk on his face. He looked so cute, am I getting butterflies over Damon Salvato- omg Sophia get over yourself.

"You look so awkward, what's wrong you don't seem like the normal Damon" I say squinting my eyes a him.

He laughs (or what ever the boy version of a giggle is) "number one your are half naked in front of me only in my shirt and bikini, which you look really good in, number two-"

He paused looking deep into my eyes like he was trying to compel me "I remember, Rebekah un-compelled me"

I think I looked like I had be staked 10 times in the heart and Daggerd by Klaus. "Urmmm, I got to g-" I was stopped by soft lips being pressed against mine.

"Now I remember, I Love you"

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