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-Third POV-

The pair went to a cafe to get some ice cream. The evening was quite. Y/n wasn't much of a talker and Inumaki couldn't communicate. It wasn't awkward silence too. It was liked by them. Something reassuring about it.

"Do you like ice cream?" Cautiously asking him to make sure, that their time together would be good. She wasn't used to having friends. It would usually stop at acquaintance. So, she had to make sure that he'd enjoy it too.

"Tuna." He said. You could see the corner of his eyes wrinkle a bit, telling her that he was smiling. Even if it was small, it was enough to make her feel better.

"What do you want, Inumaki-san?" She asked pointing at the menu in front of them.

The cafe wasn't crowded. It was a nice refreshing change. Dim vintage lights lit in every corner, making them divert their attention to the beautiful design there.
It would be perfect for a date.

They finished ordering and sat at the corner in a secluded area. It wasn't dark. It was just; perfect.

Their talking was interrupted by someone serving them ice cream.
Inumaki looked up to the waiter to order something more for Y/n; when he saw his blindfolded sensei's stupid smile.
He sighed- knowing damn well that panda and maki were sitting behind them.

Talking and eating with a little bit of domestic Y/n giggles; of course: included with Gojou grinning like an idiot at them, Panda and Maki- again, smiling like perverts with sunglasses on. It was finally time to go to the dorms.

Paying the bill Y/n went to Inunaki who wanted to pay too. Inumaki frowned and made a note to himself to pay next time. Why did Y/n pay? Because she asked him out for ice cream and she doesn't let guys pay all the time.

Walking down the dim streets. Y/n felt a shiver down her spine as thr cold breeze hit her. She immediately took her hands and rubbed them furiously trying to create heat. But failed miserably when another gust of wind hit her.

Inumaki noticed how cold she felt. Taking her and himself by surprise; he took her hands in his, shoving both of them in his hoodie.
She had a scarf around her neck that perfectly drapped around her blushing face. The heat from his actions were enough to keep her warm.
Inumaki, on the other hand; had even heat to cook eggs. Poor boy couldn't comprehend his actions.

Behind them; about ten feet away. Gojou and Panda were holding hands and jumping like idiots with pink flowers surrounding them; while Maki was kneeling down clenching her heart; thinking about how pure they were. Meanwhile- Megumi was furiously sneezing at the dorm.

"Ya know Inumaki, you're pretty warm. Can you hold my hand a bit longer?" She tried her best not to studder, and she didn't; thankfully.
Why did she want to hold his hand? Because of the cold. Not really.
She lied. She liked his warmth.

"T-tuna." He said turning away to face the sky. Why was this face red? Definitely the cold.

They were about aminutes away. When Y/n turned to him and suddenly expressed her thoughts.
"I think I'm glad that I met you; you helped me get stronger, not to mention you're so sweet. I hope you liked it today. We should do this sometime."
Finishing up; she kissed him on the cheek and ran away for her life.

Inumaki was clueless. First; he was busy paying attention to her words. 'glad that I met you.'
'we should do this sometime.'
When he was thinking about it- he felt warm lips on his cheek. He felt like his heart was at the tip of his tongue.

"M-m-maki, s-she kissed him." Panda was going week in the legs; Maki on the other hand had her soul out, cursing Y/n for being too oblivious.
Gojou was already flying over them concealing his presence taking pictures of his precious students.

These feelings are going and becoming overwhelming. He can't keep them in anymore. He's going to confess; he thought.
Next time she kisses him; hopefully, it's not on the cheek.

-to be continued.

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