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'Author your story is really good! I am really happy for Claude and Jennette'

'Yayayayy! Lovely Princess is a very beautiful story! I keep reading it again and again!'

'Authorrr we need a sequel!'

'Your story is really amazing but... May I ask? Why did you kill Athanasia? I mean, many of your readers might hate her, but I really like her Character'

"As a writer, killing a character is kind of normal," Diana murmured while staring at her phone. "But yeah, I like her character too. So why do I have to kill her?"

Diana is currently reading the reviews about her story. This woman is a writer and her work 'Lovely Princess' is one of the best among her amazing works. Many people love her novel, especially the father-daughter interaction of Jennette and Claude.

"I don't know either," Diana said as she shrugs her shoulders. She turned off her phone as she stuffed it in her pocket. "But it might be a better idea if I didn't, it's just... I feel like I need to do it for a character development."

Or maybe there's a deeper reason behind that.

Diana didn't know what to think, It feels good that another successful novel that she wrote was on hit. She has killed many characters for the protagonists' character development in her other stories, however, the death of Athanasia bothered her the most.

She felt uneasy whenever she thinks about it. Athanasia is one of her favorite characters. In fact, if she didn't feel that 'urges' to write Jennette as the protagonist, Athanasia could have been taken the protagonist's halo since Athanasia deserved more love from Claude.

Diana took a deep breath "I'm thirsty, I wanna buy some soda" she uttered.

'There is no reason to cry over a spilled milk. Let the story alone. Maybe a soda might make me feel better'

Diana chuckled at that thought, it's been a month since the last time she tasted the 'nectar of gods' called soda. Even though her career as a ballerina has ended, she still needs a healthy lifestyle.

Diana decided to go to the nearest grocery at her house. As she entered the grocery, she immediately looks for the soda section.

"Where's the grape-flavored soda?" Diana asked herself while glancing at the soda section, but she realized that her favorite drink is not available. "Is it my cursed day?" She asked herself.

Diana felt disappointed. Grape is her favorite flavor, but her favorite flavor of soda was not on the soda section. She can buy wine, but the money that she brought was not even enough.

This made Diana sulk 'Was it the punishment for the characters I have killed in my stories?' She asked herself. "Maybe I'll just buy next time" Diana was about to walk away but...

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