Chapter Eight

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__Author's POV__

It's already evening, Mr. Xiao and Zhan came to their house. Zhan is sitting on the couch and Mr. Xiao is in kitchen preparing dinner for them.

"Zhan!! Help me out with some work. Come here." Mr. Xiao called.

"Coming Dad." Zhan replied and went to the kitchen.

"Mnnn.. wash up all vegetables and cut it for soup." Mr. Xiao ordered.

"Okay, captain." Zhan replied with a smile and started doing what Mr. Xiao said to him.

"Mnnn, Son. How you feel today? I mean what do you think about my friend's family?." Mr. Xiao asked in hesitation.

"Dad, I think they are really beautiful loving family. They know how to love. I really felt very warm and happy to see them. I will go there as they asked me to go anytime. I really like them. A loving mother, a loving father like you. And, I got gege today. As they have many people in their family, they might pass really good time together. It's really good to pass time with family. And, I know that more because...." Zhan stopped while talking. He looked at Mr. Xiao with a bright smilea and he continued, I love them dad. They are very loving." Zhan finished and again continue his work.

Mr. Xiao walk to Zhan and smiled.

"Zhan, you know they also like you very much. And, I'm really happy that, you like the family. I have something to say, which is really important but, as Jiyang didn't came. I will tell you while having dinner." Mr. Xiao said and pattered his shoulder.

"Mnnn. Okay dad." Zhan said smiling.

__ In Wang Mansion__

Yibo, Jackson and Xuan came home just after Zhan and Mr. Xiao went home. Yibo is in his room, taking rest and working on laptop. And other members of family is sitting in the living room.

"So, you guys already decided Yibo ge's partner. Good good. Very good. What you guys think, Am I no one to you guys? Am I no one to this family?" Jackson said dramatically when Mr. And Mrs Wang said about Zhan.

"Are you done ?" Mr. Wang said and signed.

"What do you mean? I'm serious." Jackson said crossing his arm around his chest.

"Dad, did you guys tell ge about this?" Xuan asked

"No dear, We will tell him." Mrs. Wang replied.

"Jackson, don't be sad. Trust me, he is really good boy. We really like him. And, I'm sure you guys will also like him. Also, we are going to meet them tomorrow. They invited us in their house. So don't worry." Zanjin said smiling and cupping Jackson cheeks.

"Tomorrow??! Are you serious? I won't able to go. I have something important to do." Jackson said.

"You and your work won't done in this century. So, let it be. We are going also, Yibo us going with us." Mr. Wang said.

"Dad, So we have to inform Yibo about his marriage. Let's see what he say." Zanjin said

"Mnnn. You are right. Jackson, call Yibo." Mr. Wang ordered.

"Mnn. Okay. Yiboooooo gege!! Yiboo gege!!, Hurry up, come downstairs. Dad, the oldie is calling. There is something important again. Come fast." Jackson screamed.

"You lazy ass, what you think what are you saying. And, why you called me oldie? Go to his room and get him here now." Mr. Wang shouted at Jackson.

"Truth hurts. You are oldie. Huh!! And, I don't have to go upstairs ,Yibo ge is coming. Look this." Jackson said pointing his finger to Yibo, who was standing on stairs and watching his family show.

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