Chapter 9- the secret

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Fred slowly stood up, not taking his eyes off of Ember, "How did you know I was back?"

She gently shook her head, "I didn't. I woke up out of no where and I couldn't fall back asleep. So, I came down here. . . and here you are"

Fred gave a soft smile which quickly turned back into a sorrow look.

Ember noticed and reached into her robe pocket. She pulled out a wrinkled stained up letter and held it up, "I read you're letter"

Fred's eyes glanced up, his expression didn't change, "And what'd you think?"

Ember started getting anxious—she just wanted to run up to him, give him a hug and never let him go. Her mind started thinking over on what the letter said. A smile crept up on her face.

"I absolutely loved it Freddie"

His eyes gave a slight sparkle, "Really?"

Ember nodded her head frantically, "As soon as I read it I ran through the halls trying to find you like you said too in the letter. But you left. . ."

He tilted his head, "You ran through the halls looking for me?"

Ember's faced burned red, "I mean. . .yeah I did"

Fred's sad expression then turned into his usual grin, "And what were you planning on doing once you found me exactly?", he said taking a step forward.

Her mind raced trying to find the right words, "I'm not sure what you want me to say Weasley", she said crossing her arms.

"Oh I think you do. Now, tell me", he said taking another step forward.

"I will do no such thing", Ember said not wanting to fully admit her true feelings for him.

"Fine. Then I'll just leave again", Fred said turning around and picking up his coat.

Ember's heart sank. Of course she wanted to tell him how she felt about him, she's been waiting 2 weeks to tell him. But now that's it's finally happening and she's in the moment, it's the hardest thing ever.

'Bitch, just fucking do it', Ember told herself.

"Wait!", Ember yelled at Fred who was taking out his wand to apperate.

He stopped instantly looking towards her, "Yes?", he said smirking.

"Why do you have to make me say it, Fred? This is so embarrassing", she said fidgeting with her robe ties.

He put down his coat on the armrest and took a few steps towards her.

"Emberlynn, I left because I thought that you were going to read the letter and not come running down the halls looking for me. I thought you would never forgive me for what I did, because you said you never would. What I said in that letter. . . I meant every word of it, but I wasn't sure if it'd be enough to make you change your mind on giving me another chance"

"That didn't mean you had to just leave Fred, especially for 2 fucking weeks. You didn't even wait to see if I would come looking for you, which I did"

"I couldn't. The amount of pain it would've caused me if you didn't come look for you. . . it would've destroyed me. I could never handle losing you Blackwood. So, just please tell me how you feel about me", Fred said taking her hands into his.

A chill ran up her spine just from the feeling of holding hands with him.

Ember took a deep breath, "I can't even put into words how much I hate you right now Fred", she laughed.

"Please, just tell me. I told you I feel, it's not that hard love", he said rubbing his thumb across Ember's hand.

Ember gazed into his eyes, "I think about you every single minute of every single day. I can never get you out of my head Fred Weasley. Ever since the first day we met on the train, like you said in the letter. You are honestly the light of my life. And even though we aren't in a relationship, I would rather die than be with anyone else but you", she said shakily.

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