Magical Feelings

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Rose's POV
I continued to sit on the wooden bench as the rain started to pour gradually. I felt the tiny droplets of cloud tear fall on my head and trickle down my cheeks as gradually it started to get mixed up with my tears. Okay,now I understand why there are so many quotes out there in Facebook saying "I love to cry during the rain because no one can see my tears"

'Damn I finally figured it out!!! I'm intelligent!'I said to myself,as I felt a slight smile creep out my lips. Come on,it's a great achievement. No? It's not? Okay,never mind.

"Can you please talk" a text beeped in my phone as I checked it and saw was from Eran as now a big smile erupted into my face. At least someone cares that I'm sitting somewhere alone and shedding my tears all isolated in this rain. "Yeah" I texted back,hoping for him to call me because I knew,no matter how much mad I am at him,hearing his voice is the thing which somehow always manages to calm me down.

It's weird how he makes me feel at times. As if imagining the life without him,would be the last thing I would ever want. As if missing him turns into tears because I no longer am able to stay away from him anymore,literally drives me crazy. As if,if someone spoke ill about him I'll get ready with a dagger to stag right throughout his or her heart.

No one speaks against him

Well I can,since he's mine but no one else can.

He's mine? Is he?

Yeah I mean,he is right? I know he hasn't proposed to me yet,and we still are just friends,but the way he talks to me,or I feel about him,it's just not how friends talk. No,hell no! My phone started to vibrate receiving a call from him,which I quickly picked up because I seriously needed a dose of antibiotics from my sadness.

"Hey,you okay?" said Eran as soon as I received the call not even confirming with the fact,if it was actually me receiving the call.

Oh my God his voice sends such sooth to my pain I swear to God! It feels as if my world cracked open, and God just puts him inside and seals it tight because He knows only Eran can make me smile and feel good.


"I'm,just had a little tiff with my grandmother" I replied,trying not to sound. "Why? What happened?" He asked more as I sighed.

Eran's POV
I heard her sigh heavily,clearly telling me how much grieved she felt,her voice seemed to break as well as we spoke. Was really grateful to the fact that at least she agreed to talk back to me again,and also seemed to let go of the matter we were arguing about. But her voice wasn't the same,her tone wasn't the same as well.

She sounded way too sad,and it was also evident that she was trying really hard to stop express her grief through her voice. But I'm sorry Rose,you failed. I know her inside and out,and I know and I can sense it when is she sad or when is she mad and happy or in a depressed mood. She just either starts to shift the topic somewhere else or starts laughing without any reason.

"I never had a good relationship with her,she wanted a grandson,not a daughter,so yeah" she replied,as I cringed to the pathetic answer. Oh my God! These kind of people still exists in this generation?! Are you freaking kidding me right now?! Eww! Gross!

"That's disgusting" I replied,as she said that she was habituated to it,and gave off another laughter. That was so bad of me, not able to be  there for her,instead made her sad by repeating a scene from her past with her ex. That's so horrible of me,but I have a different relationship with my temper. It's like,I don't have any sort of control over it and things only gets into my nerve if something occurs which I don't like.

Rose is mine. This is a fact that I know and believe,and she has to remain mine forever. This is why I don't like any presence of any male members around her innocent soul. I know the guys out there,and their mentality isn't what Rose thinks it is. If things were in her favour,she would even turn a devil person an angel.

"I'm sorry,I wasn't there for you" I said,as she said that it was fine. "No it's not" I replied as she gave off a laughter which felt  genuine. The rain poured heavily,trickling down my glass windows as I suddenly felt the urge to have the warm hug from her. "I miss you" I said,as I could literally imagine her blushing hardcore.

"I missed you too" she replied and it was my turn to blush now. "I wish I was a chicken fry" I said,slightly changing the motto of the topic. "Haha and why is that?" she asked,smiling.

Yeah she is smiling I know,shut up.

"Because you love chicken!" I said,trying to pass a dirty message which I knew she would ruin it because she's real naive to get these.

Rose's POV
"That's disgusting" he replied sounding absolutely irritated. See our thoughts matches up as well. It really is kinda fun to talk with a person with whom your thoughts match up. But unfortunately,we are kinda opposites. Like I'm a romantic girl,I know it,and he's more of a flirt kinda guy. A gentle and a cool flirt.

My flirt

Did that make sense? My flirt!!? Ew,that's cringe. "I'm sorry,I wasn't there for you" he said,rising few butterflies in my stomach. Did I mention about weird he sometimes makes me feel? See! Out of nowhere,these flies just decided to make a wild card entry in my tummy and now I swear that my eyes have turned into hearts.

"It's okay" I replied,as I smiled slightly and I could,I guess I could imagine him understanding my smile because he literally understands me more than anyone does! He's way too good at it! I wish,I was able to understand his nature too,the way he does of mine. "No it's not" he replied as I laughed.

My delicate thing

After two minutes of awkward silence his voice turned out all sweet and filled with magic. "I miss you" he said,as I felt my blush blood cells to kick in and I started to feel the heat rising to my cheeks.

God,is it too sooner to say that I love this brown eyes handsomeness so much?!

"I missed you too" I replied trying to sound normal,when I know my eyes has turned totally into hearts,and my mood has been totally repaired by my personal doctor, Dr. Eran. I really do not think I'll ever feel the need to go and see a neurologist to cure my depression,I know if I have him by my side,even conquering the whole world would be such an easy task for me.

"I wish I was a chicken" he said,out of nowhere causing me to give off a sudden laughter. "Hahaha,and why is that?" I asked moving the wet hair from my face. It was freezing outside at the moment,and more over I was totally drenched.

"Because you love chickens!" He replied as I threw my head backwards out of laughter. God,whys he so much cute!!!! I swear,if he hadn't called me today,I would have ended up taking the help of drugs to drink down my pain.

Love is something,which cannot be found in a store, no matter how much of a branded mall it is. What I believe is,love is a magical thing as if when we meet or talk,we loose ourselves in a moment with another - a moment made pure and special for just the two of us.

And I felt it with him. The priceless moments I get to share with him,the beautiful memories we get to make with each other,the romantic jokes we laugh on to,the bond is legit felt from one heart to another, one mind to another, one soul to another.

So I suggest,when you feel romance for real, try to like,treasure it always, as is it is something special between just the two of you and there's no presence of another soul in it. The way a bunch of roses looks perfect with each other,and a simple chain made of daisy looks,the same way I feel as I will look with Eran,if we get to be together.

Always remember a fact,neither can anyone buy mental peace and happiness with pennies and also the true love mutually felt is a wealth money cannot buy.

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