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I help Georgina to a spare bedroom on the opposite side of the mansion after she made it consistently clear that she doesn't want to be anywhere near me or Rebekah if she doesn't have to be. It takes a lot to not be bothered by her, but I've decided to instead try to be grateful that she's even willing to stay for more spell trials.

"Are you sure you have to go?" I beg Elijah as he makes his way to the front door, "I could use your company right now."

"I'm sure we'll be reunited again soon, Claramay," he assures me. "Knowing you and my sister, one will kick the other out in a matter of weeks. Please, call me when that happens."

Elijah places a soft hand on my cheek as he talks, and I lean into him. It's a shame to see him go so soon after losing his brother, but I understand his hastiness. There is a weapon out there that can kill him and his entire vampire line, I can't blame him for wanting to protect himself.

"Take care of yourself," I whisper, taking the hand and holding in my own.

He squeezes it softly, "You do the same."

Once Elijah is gone, I start up the stairs to where Adalynn is waiting for me in my bedroom. With each step, I feel my heart get heavier and heavier as I try to get a grip on myself, but I know I have every reason to be struggling.

"You look terrible," Rebekah says as she passes me.

I don't answer her. The last thing I need right now it to spark a conversation with Rebekah about anything that happened yesterday. There's a large assortment of options when it comes to how I've messed up, but at least she can't hold anything against me that I'm not already hating myself for.

Without meaning to, my eyes follow her to the door that Elijah left from. She's stumbling slightly, which means that she finally found the bottom of that bottle she had earlier, but there seems to be something wrong on top of that.

"Where are you going?" I ask carefully, turning fully around on the stairs.

She opens the door sluggishly before glancing back at me, "To finish what I started. Is there a problem?"

I lazily flick my fingers in the air and the door slams closed.

"You do not need to do any more damage to them," I insist.

Her immediate reactive steps towards me are short and threatening, "They are responsible for Nik's death, Clara! They must be punished for what they've done to my brother!"

"You know as well as I do that Esther is the one who set Alaric on the path to killing him. Justice has already been served." I let out a sad sigh at the thought, "I would love to blame someone for what happened too, 'Bekah, but everyone is already dead."

She stares at me with wide, pained eyes. With her at the bottom of the staircase now, I can see that her makeup is slightly smudged from crying. I take slow steps towards her, but she's already headed into the nearest room before I reach her.

"Rebekah," I call after her, following at a distance, "you can talk to me, if you want. I know this has got to be hard on you."

"It should be harder on you!" She points at me accusingly before letting her arm fall, "You two were soulmates, or something, and you don't even feel anything. He died, Clara! He is dead!"

"I know," I whisper, but she doesn't seem to hear me or want to.

"I don't understand how you do it. You and Elijah are able to just lock it away in some place inside of you, but I'm not capable of that. I feel and I mourn, and I get pissed because what else is there to do?" She lets out a frustrated scream before shoving an already messy pile of papers to the floor, "I hate you! I hate this bloody house! I hate him!"

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