Chapter 7

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Exploring this humongous mansion wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. It has been built in a way to make a human being feel vulnerable because of its gigantic walls trying to gulf you up. I have never felt so vulnerable in my life, really. Literally a maze with walls rather than with greenery. Have you ever watched The Maze Runner? Right now, I feel like Thomas trying to find a way through this death maze.

Anyways, forget about The Maze Runner, first I'll have to find a way back to the guys. I took a left, took a right, took a left again and that ended me up in a hallway filled frames? Of course, with photos in them. Wow, I've never seen a hallway full of photographs; in each and every corner, filled with them. In my point of view, it looks as if the pictures were a part of the wall. Deciding to take a stroll to check out the pics, I started walking straight into the hallway.

There were a variety of sizes; ranging from small, medium to large. Some photographs seemed to be taken long time ago as they were in black & white; while very few were ink-printed. Most of the colored pics were of the boys; together or solo. I have to admit that they look hot- like damn. Starting to sweat, I started fanning myself with my rather limp hand. Oh Gosh, I wish I had a hand fan, to ask the least.

Halfway through the hallway, I came to an abrupt stop. Hanged in front of me was the largest photo in the entire hallway. My mouth wide open, I examine the people and children present in it. There seems to be six children and one baby. The baby was held by its Mother; pretty and innocent is written all over her face. Her husband, holding her by the shoulders; smiling widely for the photo to be taken. That couple looks happy; it reminds me of my parents, my kind and innocent parents, how I wish they were still alive...

Next to that couple, another couple stood. No smiling, no holding hands; practically nothing. Its as if they've had a fight- who knows? I shrug it off. Standing in front of the not-so-merry husband and wife, were three children. They looked somewhat similar to Yoongi, Jimin and Taehyung; not so sure but yeah. Oh, I guess the baby was Jungkook as he is the youngest. Next to them , a girl with long hair and gorgeous eyes stood out from the picture. FYI, this specific picture is black & white there I do not know the color.

Who is this girl? I didn't see any other picture of her. Twirling around, I noticed some of the photo frames were removed. Now, isn't that strange? Why is this the only picture with this girl in it? I wanted to explore to find answers to my questions, but the only thing it did was make more questions arise from my wrecked brain. Shit. To the left of the girl, were the other three boys named Namjoon, Hoseok and Seokjin. Behind them stood only a lady, who is probably their Mother, had a frown on her face; not even caring to smile for the picture.

Shouldn't I be asking them about this? Should I? Its stupid, if they wanted me to know, they'd have already told me by now. Suddenly for some reason, I felt eyes around me.


Just got goosebumps. I think I should go back the way I came. Thankfully, I remember how many lefts and rights I took. Finally finding my way out, I run to my room. Plopping on my bed, my brain starts going crazy with questions. At the sudden realization, I ask myself; "Why do I even care?" Why should I find out about that girl, because I came here to find the truth untold of the guys...That's when the most brilliant idea hits me: the next time they try to communicate with me, I'm gonna talk with them and if they can clearly understand what I am trying to them- then there is no doubt about it. I hope they are the ones who haunt my nightmares cuz I don't think I'm going to step out of this house any time soon. I really wonder who they are...

"Y/N! Lunch is ready!!"

"I'm coming, Jin!" I yelled back accepting the offer because I did not have breakfast in the morning and I'm starving.

Let's just hope they appear in my dream again...

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