Chapter 22

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I got two hours of sleep before my phone started ringing. "Scott this better be good I was actually getting some good sleep."

He clears his throat "Um I'm sorry to wake you but can you come over Stiles is already on his way, its an emergency."

Ugh this sucks, I hung up the phone and put a sweatshirt over my tank top and shorts.

I ran so fast that I was at Scotts in less than a second. "Wow you got here fast."

I roll my eyes "You said it was an emergency. Where's the emergency?"

He looked nervous but didn't tell "Lets wait for Stiles."

I shrug walking to the couch, curling into a ball. About ten minutes later I got shaken awake, I swatted the person away but they were persistent.

I open my eyes and see Stiles and Scott about to stab me with a fork. "What the hell? That would've hurt."

They both shrug, they're lucky I won't hurt them. Scott walks us both up to his room, I give Stiles a questioning look but he just shakes his head not knowing either.

We walk into the bathroom and he pushes the curtain to reveal Liam Dunbar wrapped up in duck tape. My jaw drops and Stiles closes the curtain.

I was still shocked but they didn't pay any attention to me "As a reminder, this is why I always come up with the plans. Your plans suck" Stiles scolded him.

His plan is to talk to Liam to see what's going on. They take him out and sit him down. They take off the duck tape. He looks scared and I wouldn't blame him when people kidnap you this is their reaction.

Scott tries to reassure him "Liam, what happened to you, what I did to you, which I had to do in order to save you, its going to change you."

Stiles pipes in "Unless it kills you." I punch him in the shoulder, he rubs it and says "Shouldn't have said that."

Liam starts crying and I kneel down next to him "Hey, please don't cry you'll be okay. We can help you if you lets us and if you don't want our help thats perfectly fine." I wipe his tears.

Scott decides to untie him while I stand in the hall waiting. Liam suddenly gets up hits Scott with a chair and punches Stiles.

He runs out but looks at me standing there "Go. They deserved it anyways." I smile and he nods his head in gratitude. The boys get up groaning trying to get to him but I stop them. "Let him go, when he needs help he knows he can trust me. Can't say the same about you guys."

I got some more sleep in before going to school. It's getting a bit colder but its California so its still reasonable. I put on my loose grey zip up jacket over my outfit and head out.

I got to school and people were in puffy jackets acting like it was freezing, but this is nothing compared to Greenland. 

I went to art class with no one else I know, I started a light sketch of flowers. My teacher is super sweet and very introverted. No one really talks in that class and its very relaxing that some students fall asleep, but no one notice's because they are either concentrating or listening to music.

Class ends and I head to my next class when I saw a bunch of people huddled by the door.

I walk up and there was a note that said my teacher cancelled because he was sick and that we can use this time to study.

I'll study outside since not a lot of people are there. I was walking pass the buses when a hand grabbed my arm and pulled me in between two buses.

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