Chapter 19

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The day went well. Amber got to talk to her friend and the secretary. I called Dad and asked him to start working on a backstory that would be believable for her. The only thing I didn't like about today was the way all the guys were looking at Amber. It's like they just suddenly realized how beautiful she was. I had to keep it together a number of times as I saw the lustful looks she was getting. Also, the bitter emotions from some girls. I hated drama. High school was full of it. I couldn't wait for us to go back home together. Everything would be perfect again.

After school we met up with my Dad. As happy as I was to have him here, I really wanted some alone time with Amber. The last kiss we shared was too long ago. I felt even more drawn to her than I did years ago. I guess we are older now and that was natural. But it was like a flip had been switched for me after she got her telepathic abilities back and I could hear her voice and emotions in my head. It was stronger than before. My attraction to her was as well. I would really have to keep my feelings contained a little. I couldn't keep my eyes or hands off her. I had to have at least my fingers laced through hers whenever we were together. The tingles were more powerful. The connection was sharper, clearer than I remember. But that might just be my imagination. She didn't protest at all. I could feel her contentment and happiness flow through her at the smallest touch.

Dad didn't fail to notice my constant attention. His raised brow told me to ease up a little. I tried to comply. When she was fixing something to eat, he pulled me aside. "Son, I know you missed her, but give her a little air." "I'm trying, seriously. The pull is just so strong." I confessed. "I understand the pull. I have it with your Mom. And I know that for some reason, you two have something more intense than the rest of us. Just remember she has only had her memories back for a few days. Don't scare the poor thing off."

During dinner, Dad told us that he needed me to hack into a few databases and add a few missing person reports on Riley. Photos had to be attached. She needed to be listed as a niece of his so that she could be released into his care. The government kept track of people. Riley Grayson would be moving in with her long-lost family in Denver Colorado. She would be enrolled into a homeschooling program. But Amber would go back to the compound she was born in, with us. No one knew exactly who we were, and it was going to stay that way.

Amber checked in with her sisters. They told her they really liked it where they were. They said they felt safe and even hoped they would be their new Mommy and Daddy. Then she checked in with the police. The officer said Hank was still being held and if anyone needed her to testify, they would let her know. Gwen had also been held and questioned. She was released on bail but would be on probation and not allowed to foster any more children. That was a huge relief. It looked like everything was on track and we would be able to head back home soon.

That evening after more storytelling, I reluctantly went to bed. I wanted to spend every moment with Amber. But Dad wasn't letting me get any alone time. He told Mom we would be coming soon. She was excited to see Amber again. She considered her a daughter.

The next morning, I woke to a kiss on the cheek. I felt tingles run throughout my body. I pulled her down to me and proceeded to kiss her neck, and her cheek, and then was rudely interrupted by a throat clearing. Oh yes, we had company. She smiled down at me with a sparkle in her eye. "I think you enjoy torturing me." I thought to her. "Oh, just as much as you enjoy torturing me by not wearing a shirt."

"So, I decided I want to go see my sisters today, and then head home to Colorado." Amber told us. I didn't know she would be willing to leave that soon. "They aren't going to school right now, with the relocation and everything, so this would be a good time to say goodbye." She seemed hesitant. "Are you sure you're ready to leave them?" I asked. I saw that she was conflicted but determined. "Yeah, it's time for me to go back home. I don't want to wait any longer."

She made the arrangements with the Foster Parents and we headed over. Dad stayed back at the R.V. Both girls rushed Amber and jumped into her arms when we arrived. I could see one still had a bit of a black eye, and the cut on her lip seemed to be healing. I offered to take a walk so they could talk privately. Amber wanted me to stay. We sat on the couch and Amber explained to them that she had found her family. They seemed happy for her. They both crawled up on her lap. Amber inspected the black eye with her fingers. I could tell she was really upset by it. I reached over and took her other hand in mine.

I felt the tingles as usual. But then I felt something more. It was like energy was actually leaving my body instead of increasing. Amber gasped suddenly. She must have felt it too. I followed her gaze to her sister's eye. The bruising was gone. Then she touched her lip and I felt the energy withdraw again. Her lip healed right in front of my eyes. I couldn't look away. It was amazing. "Did you see and feel that too?" she asked inwardly. I nodded my consent. "What will I tell the Foster Parents?" "That you had a special cream for bruising?" I suggested.

She suddenly let go of my hand and gave both girls big hugs. "Let's just leave before they ask any questions." And suddenly, we were headed out the front door. Amber was waving and blowing kisses and I was starting the Jeep. "What the heck was that?" Amber asked me. "I honestly have no idea. I mean, you and I heal fast, but I didn't know you could do that!" "Yeah, that was insane. I'm freaking out right now." "Has anything like that ever happened before?" I asked her. "No, never. It must be the energy you and I have together." She speculated. She could be right. We have always been told our powers were special. We rushed back to tell my Dad what happened.

"Well, we always thought you two had more abilities that would emerge as you got older. First you could see people's emotions, and then the long-distance communication. It is reasonable to assume you have other powers we just don't know about yet. What were you doing at the time?" "We were sitting on the couch. I was holding her hand when it happened. I could feel power kind of leave my body. Usually when we touch, I feel extra energy enter my body, but this was the opposite." I explained. "That's interesting. We as a people carry more electrical energy. It's why we live so long and look so young. I can turn on a light without touching it, but things like that are really the extent of our powers."

We decided to get on the road and talk more about it on the way. We returned my rented Jeep. Within an hour, we were on the freeway and headed back to Colorado. I was so relieved to be headed home with my girl. I had wished for this moment for so long. Soon, things would be back to normal.

Dad and I took turn driving and we made it back to the compound late the next night. We stopped a few times and saw some sights along the way. We also slept. I was glad to have the R.V. Amber told us some of the things that happened to her since she's been gone. And we told her stories about home. How the whole compound came to the funeral for her and her parents. That no one wanted to do anything with their old house. We kept it clean and safe. But it kind of felt wrong to take any of their things out. So, it was waiting for her, just as they had left it.

I tried to get some alone time with her, but Dad wasn't having it. He said that when we got back, we could discuss our bonding ceremony. It was similar to a wedding, but much more serious and intense. He said we wouldn't be left alone until the ceremony took place. I didn't blame him. Our connection was strong. Probably more powerful than he had ever experienced. Thankfully, we could communicate telepathically without my Dad listening in. That would have to be as much privacy as we could get for now. But I didn't hold back my feelings when I spoke to her like that. She didn't either. I felt as if she was touching me when we communicated. It was like a brush of her emotions across my mind. It was better than speaking aloud.

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