Chapter 3: Mother and Daughter

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"Mama do you want something to eat?" Athanasia asked Diana. It's been an hour since Lucas left both of them 'that stupid bustard. How dare him left me here? You have a lot of explanation to tell Lucas. A lot of Explanation'

"Any of it will do" Diana replied. A silence of awkwardness is present at the room. Athanasia doesn't know how to react, she may be calling Diana 'Mama' but she's still not used to her presence as she does with her papa Claude

'It's so awkward. Should I talk to her?' Athanasia thought while walking. When she saw Lily, Athanasia immediately ran to her. "Lily!"

"Yes, Athy?" The maid happily replied to her.

"I have something to request to you. From now on I will start eating in my room only. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner unless papa ordered me to dine with him. And also, tell the chef to double the portion of every food that he will serve to me"

"Princess? Why did you suddenly..."

"Uh, nothing... I just.."

'Don't ask, please don't ask me. Lily, I beg you'

"Okay, I understand" Lily replied to Athanasia. 'Maybe... Princess wanted to be alone for a while... But to double the portion of her food...? Could it be...'

"Okay, thank you!" Athanasia happily replied. "Please bring the food to my room! Don't forget to knock first okay?"

'I really do act suspicious, I wish Lily won't notice it' Athy thought.

'Could it be... Stress eating? Oh no Princess, our poor Athanasia, should I notify his majesty about this?' Lily watched Athanasia as she walks away from her. 'But the princess doesn't seem to be that lonely...'


"Mama! I'm here, let's just wait for the foods to occur here. We will be eating here together" Athanasia said as soon as she saw Diana sitting beside the window. "Mama?"

"It's enchanting..." Diana uttered while looking at the outside. "I still can't believe that I'm not in my world anymore" Diana glanced at Athanasia.

Diana kinda feels sorry for her. On her story, she let this precious girl to be killed without any justice. 'Am I cruel?... But something told me that I have to do that' She thought.

"Athanasia..." Diana called Athy's name. "How old are you already?" She unconsciously asked the young woman.

Athanasia sat beside her. "I'm 14..."

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